'It's been an incredible three years': Carolina Mestrovic opened up about her current relationship

As we know, four years ago Carolina Mestrovic she went to live in California, the United States and there she grew up as an actress, in fact, in an interview she had with MONsaid that at the end of the month he would complete acting classes.

Also, as we know, she and her former partner, Mario Velascothey have a daughter in common, Julieta, so she was also asked how the relationship with the little girl went and how her current husband, Jonathan Friedmanhelped her.

Former daughter Yingo was candid in the interview and highlighted how much help her current partner has been in her new life.

The beautiful relationship with Jonathan

In the conversation, he talked about Jonathan Freudman, whom he met in the North American country in 2019 on the set of “Club 57”, where they both worked. After five months of dating, they decided to formalize the relationship and got married in Maiami, Florida.

In the dialogue he had with the aforementioned medium, he first started by telling how his current relationship was, since they were celebrating the third anniversary, so the celebration was low-key but meaningful. “We like to celebrate our birthdays with something simple, nothing fancy,” said the actress.

In this sense, she reflected on her marriage to Jonathan and expressed that “It’s been an amazing three years. He’s my husband but he’s also my best friend and it’s perfect for me, it’s the perfect match.” He also added “we are in a beautiful moment and we continue to plan our life together”.

On the other hand, she also said that it was essential to be able to manage the great distance between her and her daughter Julieta well. Mestrovic explained that it helped her a lot when her granddaughter goes to see her or when she travels to Chile for the same reason.

He also pointed out that everything went well thanks to the great trust they have between them, “The other doesn’t have to set boundaries, but we both know how good that is.”

The support of Mario Velasco

Although, when there are couples who break up and there are children involved, perhaps finding love again becomes much more difficult, either because of the problems that these decisions can cause. However, andIn the case of Carolina Mestrovic and Mario Velasco, it’s different.

Both have been separated for years and despite the fact that they have a daughter in common, no longer being a couple does not prevent them from getting along. In fact, Velasco brought up the subject in Star Zone Yes He said they would all go on vacation together: Carolina Mestrovic, his current partner, Julieta, Mario Velasco and his other son.

Additionally, he shared his thoughts on the actress’ current relationship: “I see them so good, happy, he’s so cool, she’s so good I’m happy. It speaks to the time when in a relationship there was a lot of love above all else.”

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