Sergio Rojas gave details of the violent altercation with his brother-in-law: he ended up with a black eye

This weekend, Sergio Rojas used his social networks to denounce the aggression of his brother-in-law after his birthday party. During your program, I tell youthe panelist of I am late gave more details about the violent altercation.

On Saturday morning, Rojas shared a photo of the subject accusing him of assaulting him. “It’s a danger to society, let’s not normalize violence. I know the cost of this,” he wrote.

On Sunday night, while airing his show with Paula Escobar, Rojas gave more details about what happened to his loved one. He was shown with a black eye.

“The truth is that I’m without any type of filter, I have a black eye, I’ve been like this since Friday, because I had a family altercation and I’m going to clarify it as simply as possible, because I imagine people are very eager to find out what happened,” Rojas began by explaining, pointing out that he was doing it because he is a public figure.

The communicator confirmed there was an attack by his brother-in-law, adding that it happened at dawn after his birthday party.

“I went to my sister’s house with a friend and other friends, suddenly my friend felt very bad for taking more than necessary,” he explained.

After that, Rojas revealed that during the night his friend was constantly going to the bathroom to vomit. “In this bathroom back and forth, my sister’s computer vomits and goes back to bed,” he explained.

“Everything got out of hand”

After that, his sister started confronting his friend about what had happened and they wanted him to leave. Rojas explained that he was sleeping and not much was happening.

“In the middle of this scene, my brother-in-law appears who also begins to berate him. The only thing I felt was a blow, at first I thought he had hit my friend, and the truth is that he, in his anger, hit the wall. It all got out of hand,” he said.

The friend left and Rojas confessed that he had a fight with his sister’s partner. “It was not on the best terms, of course I was very excited, I was quite hurtful, I said very ugly things to him, I was very upset, because I considered that it was not the good way,” he added.

“He starts hitting me, that’s when my sister, to try to calm the situation, throws herself on me to prevent me from having physical contact and everything else was verbal, until I left and call the carabinieri, because I was very confused , very full of anger, ”he confessed.

Finally, Rojas added that “my brother-in-law made a mistake, I hope he understands it that way, that nothing, even if I had been the most hurtful person, justifies a physical attack”.

Although the reporter gave a mea culpa for the verbal attacks, he pointed out that “even so, to achieve this type of action is not right”.

“There is no justification for resorting to physical violence,” he concluded.

Check Sergio Rojas’ statements below:

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