The Ecuadorian Federation claims that Gustavo Quinteros left them without petty cash: they have no money to sue Chile in the Byron Castillo case

Byron Castillo case

As the same vice-president of the FEF revealed, faced with the obligation to pay 391,750 dollars in compensation to the Colo Colo coach, the Habs must postpone their intention to sue the Reds for damages and interest due to the Byron Castillo case.

The FEF claim they cannot sue the Chilean team because of Gustavo Quinteros' compensation.
© Photo: Getty ImagesThe FEF claim they cannot sue the Chilean team because of Gustavo Quinteros’ compensation.

FIFA ruled in favor of Ecuador in the first instance after the request of the Chilean team for alleged irregularities in the papers and falsification of documents of Byron Castillowho took part in the Qatar 2022 qualifiers and faced La Roja in both games.

After knowing the sentence, and waiting for Chile’s appeal and the probable “visit” to the CAS, the Ecuadorian Football Federation They said they are seriously considering a counterclaim against the Chilean Football Federation for damages suffered in the Castillo case.

However, in the last hours the desire of the FEF has changed and it is more likely that they will withdraw, and the coach of Colo Colo, Gustavo Quinterosis the main culprit.

The former coach of Universidad Católica led the Ecuadorian national team between 2015 and 2017. A few days ago he won a lawsuit before the CAS and the FEF must pay him $391,750 as compensation for departure.

Thus, in Ecuador they have recognized that they have no petty cash to face another legal procedure and prefer to leave things as they are, knowing also that the Reds can appeal, confident in the solidity of the evidence against Byron Castillo.

“We have a team to protect on our shoulders. We must analyze things calmly, perhaps we should file a complaint, but today it is not our priority. Today we are still in defense mode,” FEF Vice President Carlos Manzur said in dialogue with 99.3 FM’s Sports Area in Ecuador.

Supporting the idea of ​​not filing a counterclaim for the Castillo issue, the official said “people said to get Gustavo Quinteros out…and it cost us almost $500,000! There were two dates left for the Russia 2018 qualifiers and people said ‘take Quinteros out’ and they had to pay him $500,000. When you have to answer for a federation, you have to weigh in.”

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