The Ecuadorian Football Federation has a masterstroke to place obstacles in the CAS

Byron Castillo case

The Ecuadorian Football Federation has no fear in the world that Chile will appeal to the CAS for the situation of Byron Castillo. Through their vice-president, they announced that they had a master stroke to oppose the resolutions of the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The FEF has a masterstroke to put work into the CAS.
© Guillaume SalazarThe FEF has a masterstroke to put work into the CAS.

The Byron Castillo affair between Ecuador and Chile continues to be talked about. FIFA has determined that there is no problem in the football player’s documentation, so it has rejected Chile’s claims in this regard and has determined that it is the Ecuadorian cast that will be present at the World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

Proceedings in which after FIFA’s resolution in this regard was made public, Chile announced that it would not end this process and that it would refer the case of Byron Castillo to the CAS (Tribunal d’Arbitrage du sport), to appeal to its data and investigations which determined that the footballer had falsified documents.

Measure by which in Ecuador they do not fear for this new process that will begin to live from the fact that through the Vice President of the Ecuadorian Football Federation, Mr. Carlos Manzur, they have announced that they have a master to put obstacles in the resolutions that the CAS can bring.

During a conversation with El Deportivo, the vice-president explained that “we will see it in due time, but, personally, I would not accept it. Not after everything that has been said and how it has been said” , they made known in the aforementioned media regarding this situation.

Byron Castillo faces Chile with Ecuador. (Photo: Guille Salazar)

But that was not all, as the Ecuadorian football leader was also upset. “For falsely accusing us of irregularities. I am a lawyer and I have 26 years of leadership. And I know there are ways. It’s not what you expect.”

However, in the gist of this measure in this regard, he explained that they are working on a strategy to counter the complaints against them. “That’s what we’re going to assess. The appeal phase is still to come and it is always better to have an overview. We have to assess everything meticulously.”

Along the same lines, he added that “you have to be very responsible when you take action. Everyone is free to exercise the actions that they consider to be their right and, logically, this exercise entails responsibility,” he decided in this regard.

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