'The stronger I get': Jordi Castell defended himself from criticism for commenting on his dog's name

A whole controversy has arisen on social networks after the recent chapter of divine food. A comment from Jordi Castell did not go unnoticed and internet users made a bag of it.

The photographer explained how his dog Nina came into his life, noting that the pup was rescued from a serious situation of neglect. However, it was the explanation of his name that ignited Troy.

“The poor thing was ugly as the dark night. In fact, that’s why…with all due respect, I named her Nina Simone because she was black and ugly,” she said, which went unnoticed by viewers. , who called the comment racist on the networks.

Castell’s response

After all the controversy and criticism the former Primer Plano host received, Castell took to his networks to reference what happened.

“This is not a clarification. This is to reaffirm the main reason I picked up and rescued my dog: because she was black, female and suffered from a significant degree of malnutrition,” he said. he started by pointing out in a post on his Instagram.

Along the same lines, he added that “any veterinarian or animal rescue foundation has in their hands the statistics that the dogs no one wants to adopt are black females.”

“Like my dog, black women have been the ones who have ruled my approach to music for as long as I can remember. Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Grace Jones, Donna Summer and of course Nina Simone.”

The photographer defended himself by explaining that “blacks have been many of my unforgettable lovers throughout my life and black is one of my closest friends. Black is the color that makes me feel the more comfortable and the black is the husband of a great friend.

“Play What You Want”

Castell then not only lowered the profile of his statements, but also extinguished the fire with gasoline and attacked those who accused him of being “racist” for calling Nina Simone “ugly and black”.

“I understand and regret that there are people who look in the mirror and don’t like what they see, they draw anger and resentment, look for excuses to insult and even believe in their minds narrow that I’m a racist,” he said.

He also added that “do not continue to believe that with a chlorine bath you will whiten, because you are wasting your time in addition to giving capricious interpretations to my words”.

“Race, sexuality and values ​​are proudly carried by people with the optimal IQ to interact,” he noted.

Finally, Castell wrote that “if you want to put words or twist something I said out of love for my dog ​​or any black animal, go interpret whatever you want”.

“All in all, while bad versions of human beings speak ill of me, the stronger I am,” he concluded.

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