The wrath of Quinteros and Solari:

The wrath of Quinteros and Solari:

Colo Colo coach Gustavo Quinteros has raised his voice over Pablo Solari’s frustrated jump to America from Mexico, stressing that contracts must be fulfilled and the young footballer should aspire to Europe.

In the middle of the offseason that Colo Colo maintains in Argentina, facing the second half of the National Championship and its participation in the South American Cup, Gustavo Quinteros He had time to talk about the situations the club had to face in the current transfer window; the frustrated signing of Ramiro González and the discomfort of Pablo Solari.

Y es que en conversation con el programa Círculo Central de TV+, el entrenador del ‘Cacique’ reconoció que el interés del América de México por el ‘Pibe’ es real, pero que no se alcanzó acuerdo tras la alta tasación que el elenco nacional puso on the table.

A break in the negotiations which did not please the skilful attacker, who would have required time without training because of the anguish caused to him by the said scenario.

“It is normal that, when a team makes an offer for a player, which is insufficient for the people at the club, the player falls a little ill or depressed the first few days. We spoke with him, we try to make him understand that when there are contracts signed, they must be fulfilled, the sale does not depend on just one”started by pointing out the former DT from Catholic University.

In this sense, Quinteros has once again stated that he does not see Solari playing in Mexico, because in his opinion, the footballer trained in Talleres de Córdoba is for the major leagues of the world.

“It seems to me that he can aspire to play in Europe and the departure is rushed at the moment because we are in the middle of the season. If that was the end, I would have accepted.”he expressed.

For his part, the Argentinian-Bolivian coach clarified that the situation was managed by thinking beyond money, assuring that “more or less dollars does not make a difference”.

“For Colo Colo it is important to maintain the team. Our main objective is to win the national championship”closed the topic by pointing out that the Chilean Cup and the South American Cup are not in their plans.

Regarding Emiliano Amor’s replacement signing at full-back Ramiro González dropping out after showing problems during physical examination tests, Quinteros took the word of the club’s medical staff and insisted on reopening negotiations with the 31-year-old defender.

“He played and trained normally in clubs, but well, there are things in which the medical part and the images do not coincide with the clinic. So there are decisions that the clubs and the doctors, but we are aiming for a player who is active and can play without problems.”sentenced.

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