They discover a mysterious dark body in our galaxy: it could be a rogue black hole

Scientific theories indicate that it could be a free-floating black hole in our galaxy, however, astronomers aren’t entirely sure.

The object was first identified in early 2022 by the Hubble Space Telescope from NASA and ESA. The mysterious dark body, It is 5,000 light years from Earth. and astronomers believe it could be a “rogue” black hole.

Although it was first detected earlier this year, astronomers already have more precise calculations about the nature of the mysterious object. Currently, the hypothesis that it is a black hole has been questionedbecause its mass is too low.

Defining it officially could be a difficult task for astronomers, starting with the fact that if it were exactly a black hole, it would be invisible to the naked eye. And it is that to identify one, we measure the gravitational influence on other objects or the radiation that they expel when they consume matter.

This specific object, as reported by Very Interesting, It was identified by observing the luminosity of a distant star, since its light was distorted by the intense gravitational field it emits.. Hence the hypothesis that it was a black hole. Moreover, he is considered “rogue” because he is constantly moving around our galaxy.

What are the new hypotheses that cast doubt on the rogue black hole?

To date, two groups of scientists, independent of NASA and ESA, they propose that it could be more of a “compact object”. Indeed, the mass they calculated is not as massive as that of the black holes we know so far.

It is estimated that its mass is between 1.6 and 4.4 times that of the Sunwhich makes no sense to astronomers since the black holes detected to date have masses between 100 and several million times that of our star.

Following the logic of these data, the new study suggests that could be a remnant of a neutron star. However, what is strange is its darkness, because so far no remnants of a dark neutron star have been detected and this could be the first.

In addition, the object roams the galaxy freely and is not associated with any other stars as neutron stars usually do, this being a factor that prevents its confirmation. For now, scientists and Hubble are still collecting data on the mysterious black body.

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