United Arab Emirates ban cinema

The measure was confirmed by the Media Regulatory Office of the UAE Ministry of Culture and Youth, the same body that cataloged “Eternals” for more than 21 years.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) bans the screening of the animated film this Monday “Light year”from Pixar, following a scene where two lesbian characters they are kissing.

The footage was harshly criticized on digital platforms in the conservative country, where same-sex relationships are criminalized.

This measure was announced by the UAE Ministry of Culture and Youth Media Regulatory Officewho in a statement on Twitter pointed out that the film will not be screened in the country because “violates the media content standards in force in the Emirates”.

The note, which noted that “Lightyear” “does not have the license for its public screening”was accompanied by a photograph of the film poster with the symbol of “prohibited” superimposed.

This animated film, whose premiere was scheduled for June 16, aroused the anger of social networks in the Emirates, in which users called for its ban, believing that it violates the religious and moral values ​​​​prevailing in this Muslim country. . majority country.

After this measure, the Media Regulatory Office stressed the need for all cinemas in the country to carry out “monitoring and evaluation” of films before their release to “ensure the safety of content in accordance with the correct age rating. “.

“Lightyear” has not only caused controversy in the Emirates, but also in other countries of the Middle East and Muslim-majority Asians.

However, the Emirates already faced a similar dilemma last December when the film was released. “Eternals”which he decided not to ban despite including scenes with gay characters.

The action he then took was “the inclusion of the film in the over 21 category,” according to a statement.

The Emirates criminalizes same-sex relationships, like many Muslim-majority countries, despite the fact that earlier this year it approved a personal status reform package that included the legalization of civil marriage, the cohabitation without marriage or motherhood for single women, although it does not address changes regarding the LGTBI community.

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