Without money?  Ecuador blames Gustavo Quinteros for not suing Chile in Byron Castillo case

Byron Castillo case

El caso Byron Castillo sigue trayendo coletazos tanto a Chile como Ecuador y, so well in a principle of the FEF he hablaba de contrademandar por daños y perjuicios a la ANFP, ahora están en modo ahorro por lo salado que les costó el despido de Gustavo Quinteros few years ago.

Gustavo Quinteros at the helm of the Ecuadorian national team in 2016.
©Getty ImagesGustavo Quinteros at the helm of the Ecuadorian national team in 2016.

FIFA’s final resolution last Friday for the Byron Castillo case left the Chilean national team – in the first place – with no chance of going to the Qatar 2022 World Cup and kept Ecuador in the event of the World Cup which will begin in November.

After the ruling by world football’s governing body, the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF), they announced that they were very upset with the Chilean lawsuit and had seriously considered countering the ANFP for damages and damages. interests as a result of all that the case generated Byron Castillo.

Although that was the original intention, also last week it was announced that Gustavo Quinteros, former Ecuador coach and currently technical director of Colo Colo, had won a lawsuit against the Ecuadorians from CAS over a debt of nearly 500 thousand US dollars after his dismissal from the bench of those of Guayas.

DT albo is the stumbling block for the FEF to claim Chile. | Photo: UN Agency

Is precisely el pago que tendrán que hacerle al DT albo el que estaría deteniendo a los ecuatorianos de contrademandar a Chile y pensar dos veces que hacen con el dinero, según reveló el vicepresident de la FEF, Carlos Manzur, a Área Deportiva de la 99.3 FM from Ecuador.

“We have a team to protect on our shoulders. We must analyze things calmly, perhaps we should file a complaint, but today it is not our priority. Today, we are still in defense mode, ”he assured.

The director recalled all that happened with the dismissal of Quinteros and that now the current board is paying: “People said to remove Gustavo Quinteros and it cost us 500,000 dollars! There were two dates left (from the Russia 2018 qualifier) ​​and people said “take Quinteros out” and they had to pay him $500,000. When it is necessary to answer for a federation, it is necessary to weigh”, he concluded.

In this way and while waiting for what could be a call from Chile in the CAS, in Ecuador they act with caution and take care of the money that does not remain in the coffers of the FEF to aim their darts selectively and do not sue for pure .

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