American media assures that Amber Heard was eliminated from Aquaman 2: the actress denied

Actress Amber Heard has reacted after the Just Jared portal assured that she will no longer appear in the Aquaman sequel.

Actress Amber Heard denied being completely cut from the film Aquaman 2after the American media Just Jared assured that a replacement for the actress was already sought.

According to the media, a source close to the producer assured that “Warner Bros. has decided to change the role of Amber Heard after seeing the sequel to the film”, assuring that they will be made “new shots with Jason Momoa and Nicole Kidman”.

However, in conversation with Fox News, Amber Heard herself denied leaving the band, assuring that recreating his scenes would be something “a little crazy”, while assuming his departure from the band after the end of the lawsuit against Johnny Depp.

“The rumors continue as they have been since day one: imprecise, insensitive and a bit crazy”a representative for Heard told Fox News.

Heard plays Mera in Jason Momoa’s Sea Heroes saga. The second movie, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, expects release in 2023.

The actress was questioned harshly by the public after she was in a legal battle with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, who accused her of defamation. Throughout the trial, both performers sought to prove that the other was the violent person in their relationship.

This, after the interpreter assured in a Washington Post article that it was a symbol of domestic violence After her marriage to the star of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Gradually, Depp’s fans began to tumble against the actress, even reaching start an online petition to demand that Warner Bros. dismisses the actress from the DC Comics saga.

Amber Heard and her participation in Aquaman 2

During the legal battle, Heard claimed that the studio had significantly dropped its involvement in the film. “I had to fight hard to stay in the film. They didn’t want to include me in the film.” he then accused, claiming to have succeeded in participating in “a very diminished version”.

This, as she charged, was due to the way her ex-husband defamed her for comments made by her lawyer in 2020, who ensured Heard blamed domestic violence in order to gain greater popularity.

“They gave me a script, and then they gave me new versions of the script, in which scenes that contained action, which showed that my character and another character had been deleted -without giving spoilers-, these two characters are fighting and basically they took a lot of my paper”then charged.

After seven weeks of trial, the California jury ordered Amber Heard to pay Johnny Depp over $10 million for defaming him. For his part, the actor behind the Edward Scissorhands must pay the actress two million dollars for the defamatory remarks of her lawyer.

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