BTS Announces Indefinite Halt Of Group Activities + Opens Up On Concerns

BTS has announced that they will be taking a break from their group activities to focus on their solo careers.

On June 14, the group wrapped up their BTS Festa 2022, their first annual anniversary, by posting a video in which they shared a meal and made an important announcement about their future.

After the BTS members had a drink and a chat, Suga kicked off the conversation by saying, “So we’re entering an off-season,” which the video’s official captions translated as, “Let’s take a break now. “.

“Should we talk about why we don’t do FESTA [este año] And why haven’t we created a lot of new content? Suga continued. “We have to talk about the direction we are going.”

RM then talked about BTS’s struggle with identity in recent years, explaining, “Until ‘ON’ and ‘Dynamite,’ I felt like the BTS group was in my hands. But when we did ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance’, I didn’t know what kind of band we were.”

He went on to explain how hectic and busy idol life was, noting, “I don’t have time to grow up. Not just in terms of my abilities, but as a human being. I’m a very different person than I was 10 years ago, and I need time to reflect and be alone so those thoughts can mature into something unique to me.”

“But after spending the past 10 years as BTS, while going through our busy schedules together, I cannot grow,” RM continued. “I don’t have time to think. I need to know what kind of person I am, what kind of BTS group is, why I’m here, what other members mean to me, and the path we should take in the future; I have to keep these things in mind when doing interviews and writing lyrics. But from a certain point, I wasn’t sure what kind of group we are.”

Jimin observed, “I think we are now starting to think about what kind of artist we want our fans to remember each one. I think that’s why we’re going through a tough time right now, because we’ve entered a phase where we’re only now trying to find our identities.”

Suga added that because he’s been so exhausted lately, it’s been hard for him to find songwriting inspiration. “The hardest thing is writing lyrics,” he said. “I can’t think of anything to say. I have to write about things that I personally feel and want to say, but I feel like I’m forcing it right now…and it’s really hard.”

RM reiterated that he felt he needed time to fully focus on his solo music, explaining, “In the past, I was able to balance work on my personal music with our group activities, but now I can’t do it at the same time. time. I can’t do group activities and then flip a switch and change everything to focus on my own work. I realized that I really needed some alone time.

V recalled, “J-Hope once told me this: ‘We can all really focus on our solo activities for now, and then we’ll get together as a group, this synergy will be unlike anyone else. It will be better than before.” Jimin added, “To be honest, J-Hope has talked a lot about this stuff.”

Jin also shared, “By doing group activities for so long, as they mentioned earlier, I started to feel like I had become like a machine. I have my own hobbies and things I want to do on my own.

RM continued, “When people hear our group name, they’re like, ‘Oh wow, BTS.’ But honestly, people don’t really know who each of the members are. Since we’re singers, I think would be more shocking for us to show [quiénes somos] through our music and performances. So from now on we’ll be releasing albums [en solitario] instead of mixtapes.

J-Hope later added, “I’ve talked a lot with the other members about this, but I think we need to spend some time apart to learn how to get together again. I think this moment is really important, so I hope they don’t just see it in a negative light.”

Suga emphasized, “It’s not like we’re breaking up.”

Last week, BTS made their long-awaited comeback with their anthology album “Proof” and title track “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment).” Ahead of their hiatus from group activities, they will be performing their new song on music shows this week.

Watch the full video of BTS’s chat with Spanish subtitles below:

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