Clown and hero: Australian goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne travels the world for his penalty shootout show against Peru

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Goalkeeper Andres Redmayne became famous for the performance before every Peruvian player struck. He assures that he was preparing “two or three weeks, since we arrived in Qatar” to experience a moment like this in a penalty shootout. “We are adding uncertainty to Peruvian brains,” added his coach.

Redmayne was the most praised player in the Australian dressing room
© TV recordingRedmayne was the most praised player in the Australian dressing room

Graham ArnoldDT from Australia, surprised at the end of extra time in the duel between his team and Peru do the “Big Rambo Ramirez“: change of goalkeeper for penalties, as happened with the Colo Colo goalkeeper in the 1992 Recopa, something unheard of at the time.

He brought in the unknown Andrew Redmayne, who plays for Sidney FC in his country, at the expense of Mathew Ryan, the captain of the team who plays for Real Sociedad. Clearly a risky bet which, in the long run, ended up paying off.

Redmayne not only covered the final penalty against Álex Varela, giving the socceroos the bye to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but also became world famous for the spectacle he put on before every Inca player shot .

The bearded man moved across the line from side to side waving his arms, lifting his legs, and even crouching. A ritual worthy of a clown in a circus, which disturbed the referee Slavko Vincic who caught his attention on several occasions, when what the goalkeeper was doing was legal according to the regulations.

The extravagant goalkeeper did not want to keep the credits of the classification. “I’m not a hero. I just played my part, like everyone else did tonight. Not even the 11 on the pitch, it was much more than that, it’s a work of team,” he said humbly.

The 33-year-old goalkeeper also confessed that “the plan to end up in the lot is something that has arisen since the pre-screening of the call. It is a situation that could arise and during the two or three weeks that we have been here, we have always had in mind.”

The goalkeeper a few years ago when he won the 2019 A-League Grand Final explained his peculiar way of saving on penalties. “It’s a way for the rival not to know where I’m going to go and I also want them to get nervous, for the goal to be smaller than it really is. It doesn’t always work for me. , but this time it allowed me to stop two shots”, he explained this time when his team won 4-1.

DT Graham Arnold told the goalkeeper that “Andrew Redmayne is a very good penalty taker and we wanted to play with the mental aspect of the opponent with his penalty kick, to add a bit of uncertainty in their brain, that was the reason”.

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