Eduardo Berizzo is very clear about his good conclusion with the Chilean team in Asia: "We have found footballers who can be taken on board"

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The DT of Chilean team, Eduardo Berizzo, said his record, despite results against South Korea, Tunisia and Ghana, was that he was finding new pieces to insert into his process. A notable change was defense, where Gary Medel did not appear, despite being available.

Eduardo Berizzo said he drew positive conclusions from Chile's Asian tour.
© Communication ANFPEduardo Berizzo said he drew positive conclusions from Chile’s Asian tour.

Eduardo Berizzo closed his first three games in charge of the Chilean team during an Asia tour that was uploaded practically at the last minute, as it was featured after the official payroll was handed over and added only a few emergency names due to the losses that were occurring. The results are not positive: defeat against South Korea Yes Tunisia and tie with a Ghana which ended with nine men and still beat the red team on penalties, finishing last in the Kirin Cup.

But the toto He is optimistic and clearly knows where the great advantage of these days in the East lies. “The final results have to do with the discovery of certain footballers on this tour. We find footballers who can be involved in what we want. We have to continue to work, find our game development”, he said. sentenced.

“They have been a good stick for us, to know where we are. I like the spirit and the atmosphere that emanates from it. Now our work begins so that the international touch makes them grow. We leave with a great learning from the team and other people will join. My mood and goals are good, with positive feelings,” he added.

Then, without specifying why they were not Joaquin Montecinos Yes Felipe Mendez in the last game, Berizzo He said that “this tour has meant overcoming many victims. This forced us to use another tactical drawing, this is the line we found. Everyone should buy into this idea and commit to it for the future.”

Finally, the national coach said of the match with Ghana in particular that “we failed to think the game intelligently, to pass the ball from one side to the other quickly. We even had a triple 9”.

Chili will now come back and Berizzo He will focus on administrative tasks, microcycles when he has the chance and looking for more options in view of a new FIFA date, agreed for September and where some friendlies are closed.

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