Emeterio Ureta's acclaimed recipe for raising children alone

Completely devoted to his family. Emeterio Ureta delivered this Tuesday his applauded recipe for raising his two children alone. The former TV personality spoke with the newspaper “The latest news” about his paternity. This following Father’s Day Celebrationa holiday that is commemorated this weekend in Chile.

Emeterio Ureta's acclaimed recipe for raising children alone

The businessman was a widower when Emeterio Jose and Isidora, known as Tita, were 5 and 3 years old respectively. “I raised them alone, I was both mother and father… As I was leaving the funeral, something very curious happened. I was hugging my children on either side and my ex-wife’s sister approached with her mother-in-law. Then he said to me, “We want to take care of your children because you want to continue to lead a frivolous life, an entertaining life. I sent them to the top of the hill“, he said.

They were ten years totally isolated from the world of entertainment, ladies, drinks, bars. I would devote myself 100% to them, Friday would come, I would light the fireplace and lay in bed with them both watching the monkeyssaid Emeterio Ureta, who started making a living when his children reached adolescence. “They left and I went to the beach with my ladies: I shook the feather duster, but they came back on Monday and I was with them“, he said.

Emeterio Ureta's acclaimed recipe for raising children alone

Emeterio recalled that “people say to me, ‘Of course, well, and who educated them’. And I did. Wow, fantastic kids. They see Isidorita on television with his producer, Emeterio José with his grocery store businessman. And you realize that they are my fruit… It is the greatest, the best that Christ has sent me, a couple of precious children with an optimal result”.

There are a lot of stupid people in this Chilean society who, as soon as they are widowed, want to plug the hole and get on board with the first lady they see, which is a disaster. Imagine, I put other children, the lady’s children, to disturb them. They both leave the housesaid Ureta, who was very open to discuss various issues with her children.

The method of Emeterio Ureta

When it comes to love, the former TV panelist didn’t set any limits either. “I told them, ‘Whatever you want to do, do it.’ When you give kids some freedom of opinion, of commitment, of love, freedom to love, freedom to feel, they only realize how tight the shoe is.“, he explained.

Emeterio Ureta also instilled the sport in them. “There was tennis, but that requires selling the house and devoting 100%, paying for the courts, the players; in riding, you have to hire a horse, pay a teacher. So I looked for a sport that requires energy, that is free and that is surfinghe said, adding that the moments are the most precious in his family life.

Emeterio Ureta's acclaimed recipe for raising children alone

Now that they have apartments, I go to their house and we take naps, watch TV. But material, nothing, it’s a love of the heart, an infinite love that is worth gold to meEmeterio pointed out on what the relationship he has with his children means to this day. “Thanks to him I am what I am“, he added Tita Ureta in the same article MON.


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