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Microsoft celebrated the Showcase of Xbox and Bethesda games on June 12, giving a first look at the gameplay of red fall Yes star field and revealing new games like Repentance Yes Minecraft Legends. As this showcase focused on the reveals, it was very quick outside of the extensive looks at red fall Yes star field. Microsoft changed that with an expanded, slower Xbox Games Showcase presentation on June 14.

During this one, we learned more about some of the games we saw on Sunday, and even got some news about games that didn’t show up, like Valheim Yes slime farmer 2. This live stream was certainly much slower and less revealing than Sunday’s showcase, but those who want a deeper look at Xbox’s next line of games will enjoy watching it (below). We’ve rounded up everything that was announced and discussed at the Xbox Games Showcase Extended.

Valheim coming to Xbox Game Pass as a console exclusive

The first real Xbox Games Showcase Extended announcement was that Valheim It’s coming to Xbox Game Pass. The PC version of the game is coming to Xbox Game Pass this fall. It will then come to Xbox consoles and this version of Xbox Game Pass in the spring of 2023 as a console exclusive.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Coming to Xbox Game Pass

A new trailer has been released for the multiplayer horror game based on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which will be on Xbox Game Pass at launch. We’ve also learned that the game will be a console-exclusive release on Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2023 for a while before coming to PS4 and PS5 later in the year.

slime farmer 2 continue this year

After ignoring the Xbox and Bethesda games showcase, slime farmer 2, a console exclusive, appeared here with a new trailer showcasing The Conservatory, the player’s base of operations, exploration gameplay, and more. It will be released in fall 2022 and will be on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

fall guys pays homage to an iconic Halo trailer

Mediatonic and Epic Games have revealed that a Halo collaboration is coming to Xbox versions of fall guys June 30. They made the reveal through a trailer that parodies the iconic Believe trailer. Halo 3, as we see a lot of frozen beans in the middle of a battle. This collaboration is called “Spartan Showdown” and players will be able to earn Halo-themed cosmetics by completing challenges while the event is live.

developers by STALKER 2 players are invited to support Ukraine

Xbox’s Sarah Bond and GSC Game World highlighted the team’s expertise by STALKER 2 as a Ukrainian game developer following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in a moving interview and video. GSC Game World then showed a new cinematic trailer confirming that stalker 2 it will now be released in 2023.

All the others

  • Bethesda’s Pete Hines defended the delays of red fall Yes star field, discussed how red fall was distinct from previous Arkane and co-op shooters, it referred to expansions of The Elder Scrolls Online Yes Fallout 76and highlighted how players have a lot of freedom to do whatever they want in star field In an interview.
  • Naraka: Bladepoint Developers previewed the game’s characters, gameplay, and campaign ahead of its release on Xbox Series X|S consoles next week. NetEase Games has also confirmed that it will be coming to Xbox One later this year.
  • We got to see some brief gameplay footage from Ara: Untold Stories as the developers discussed how this grand strategy game supports player agency and reflects player choice. They also confirmed that their technical alpha will begin later this summer.
  • The developers of grounded reflective on the development of the survival game and teased how the September 1.0 release will resolve the story and introduce a new Praying Mantis boss.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum collaboration was discussed in a video with Gamertag Radio’s Parris Lilly.
  • high on life Justin Roiland discussed the formation of Squanch Games and their quirky new sci-fi shooter Metroidvania where players take down cartel bosses with talking guns.
  • A development diary for Repentance revealed more details about the story, characters and setting of Josh Sawyer’s new medieval narrative adventure game.
  • Twilight Ace got a new developer diary showcasing how its choice-based game works and discussing its themes and narrative ahead of its July 19 release.
  • We saw new gameplay from the expansion Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheelsshowing how these toys have been incorporated into four new Mexican biomes.
  • Mojang executive producer Dennis Ries revealed that Mojang initially poked fun at Minecraft Legends at Minecon 2018 with a t-shirt and explained why Mojang is making an action-strategy game with the help of Blackbird Interactive.
  • An ID@Xbox trailer highlighted upcoming games independents like Tinykin, Togges, Coral Island Yes Hollow Knight: Song of Silk.
  • Bond introduced Project Moorcroft, a Game Pass feature that will allow developers to put demos of their unreleased games on Game Pass for player feedback.

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