GPS in the shoes?  : Never-before-seen details of Gissella Gallardo and Mauricio Pinilla's breakup are revealed

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After the rumors about the possible causes of the media separation between Gissella Gallardo and Mauricio Pinilla, new antecedents have emerged. And it is that due to some compromising statements by Roberta Melothe reason for the breakup could consider something more than infidelity.

In this sense, it was revealed that the woman in question was one of the best friends of the ex-girlfriend of the former footballer, even being his partner in his store and working closely with Gissella’s sister, Fabiola. In addition to the fact that she currently became the owner of the company after the controversies.

But that’s not all, because The bomb exploded when, through her Instagram account, Roberta Melo spoke about her conflict with Gisella Gallardo, accusing her of hacking her social networks and some problems she encountered with her Unique Key. Situation that directly affected a trip I made from Brazil.

La Roberta accused and filed a complaint against Gissella Gallardo in the PDI, in the Cybercrime Brigade. What she accuses is that her email has been hacked. She filed a protective action against Gissella, because according to her, what Gissella did was discredit her, she was responsible for their separation, she discredited her with friends, that she lost all her group (…) so she got tired.

As for the unexpected scandal, other words of the woman were also revealed, which exposed alleged family secrets. Reason why Cecilia Gutiérrez assured that: “Mauricio Pinilla wanted to stay away, because from TVN they ask him to have a much lower profile and not get involved in scandals.”

Mauricio Pinilla and Gisella Gallardo.

In the meantime, they reported that Gallardo arrived at Roberta’s house and assured her that he would not speak of her again, also asking her not to press charges, substantiating the whole thing in a signed document which would certify that “he would never speak of Melo again”.

But he didn’t comply, so Roberta decided to press charges.

On the other hand, it has been commented that Roberta Melo has revealed great secrets of Gisella and her sister Fabiola, throwing herself against both of them and even blaming them for their divorce. “I know terrible things about them and I will never speak about it publicly, now they are panicking, they should, after all they have done and continue to do, they will have a lot to explain to the authorities”, condemned the woman on social media.

Among other details, celebrity journalists Sergio Rojas and Paula Escobar also spooned into the subject during their latest Instagram post of Que te lo Digo, adding new context to the controversy.

Mauricio Pinilla was in a panic attack over the threats made by Roberta Melo. She would have told him ‘I’m going to fuck you… your career’. I take this back from what you say, that I understand that Roberta Melo threatened, she said things, she was the one who caused the term between Mauricio Pinilla and Gissella Gallardo when she told him that his wife was cheating on him . And he also tells her “watch out for your wife who put the GPS in your shoes”.

In this sense, the Me Late panelist also assured that the enmity between Gissella and Roberta was due to a legal situation, in which she asked him for help. “I understand that Roberta had a family, legal dispute, and she would have asked Gissella to lie so that she had an advantage which I will not comment on what it is.”

“The worst thing is that Mauricio Pinilla was panicked because of it,” added Paula Escobar.

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