Gustavo Quinteros undermines Ecuador to act in Castillo case

The castle case It will have even more chapters. Through the lawyer who represents the position of the Chilean Federation, Eduardo Carlezzo, it has been announced that there will be an appeal that will reach the Court of Arbitration for Sport if necessary. But it could also have more advantages in Ecuador.

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In this way? In the Ecuadorian Football Federation, they analyze in depth the filing of a claim for damages against Byron Castilloa 23-year-old winger who has defended La Tri in eight of the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifying matches. But they have a big financial problem that puts a damper on that idea.

Yes Gustavo Quinteros, obviously without his knowledge, is highly responsible. This because the DT of summer camp won a lawsuit against the FEF in the CAS, which ordered the agency to pay almost 392 thousand dollars in compensation for his dismissal, which took place in September 2017 and was announced with a very controversial message.

“The FEF commissions Jorge Célico as DT of the Tri for the last two games in the face of Quinteros’ indifference when his sensitivity was called upon”said the brief tweet with which the end of the Argentine-Bolivian cycle was announced, who had been part of the Ecuadorian team since March 2015. Following this, from the entity that commands football in this nation, a message has emerged that alludes to the Cacique’s coach.

It was the vice-president, Carlos Manzur, who did so during a conversation with 99.3 FM radio. “We have to analyze things calmly, there is a team to protect. Perhaps we should file a complaint, but today it is not our priority. We are still in defense mode”said the director.

And after that he remembered the dismissal of Quinteros. “People told us to release it and it cost us almost 500 thousand dollars. There were two dates left and they asked us to release it. There are things that we have to weigh in the federation”condemned Manzur, the one who appeared in an audio that the Brazilian lawyer used as evidence before the FIFA Disciplinary Committee.

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