'He made a mistake': Sergio Rojas opens up about the assault he suffered from his brother-in-law

There are days, Sergio Rojas He celebrated his birthday with everything and it was not for less, since it is a new year of life. However, not everything went as he wanted, as it ended in an unexpected moment.

Let us remember that this Saturday the commentator gave something to talk about, because, after celebrating his birthday, He founded his brother-in-law through his social networks, following a violent attack he received from him.

On his Instagram account he uploaded the photo of the man and wrote “This violent man hit me yesterday and is a danger to the family”. However, after some time, he deleted the post where he talked about the issue.

Message from Sergio Rojas deleted.

In any case, although he deleted the photo, he spoke about the situation in an Instagram live called “What am I telling you? »

What happened to your brother-in-law?

“I’m a little taken by the throat, by the nervous system, I have the whole part here tense”the Me Late Prime panelist started speaking.

Then, to continue telling what happened, he went on to say that “I am without any type of filter, I have a black eye, I have been like this since Friday, because I had a family altercation and I will clarify it as simply as possiblebecause I imagine people are very aware of what happened”.

Likewise, to give the origin of the altercation, he started by saying that it all happened after his birthday, when he and some friends went to Rojas’ sister’s house. One of them started to feel terrible because he drank too much, so he constantly had to go to the bathroom to vomit.

It was then that, as the journalist tells, he apparently did not come to the toilet, since he threw up his sister’s computer and immediately went back to bed. However, she realized what had happened, so she went to confront her friend about leaving the house.

“As I was sleeping, I did not understand the situation very well. In the middle of this scene, my brother-in-law appears and starts scolding him. The only thing I felt was a blow and I thought I had hit my friend, and the truth is that he, in his anger, hit the wall. Everything got out of control“, said the panelist, saying that he then found himself alone with his loved one to discuss the problem.

He continued to report that he was very excited and upset, as he did not approve of violence for any reason. “Everything was out of control and he started hitting me. My sister, in an attempt to calm the situation, threw herself on me to prevent me from having physical contact and everything was done verbally, until I left and called the police, because I was very confused, full of anger,” the panelist recounted.

He also explained that they went to his sister’s house, because she wanted them to continue sharing, however, everything ended badly because of this altercation.

“My brother-in-law made a mistake, I hope he understands it that way, that nothing, even if I had been the most hurtful person, justifies a physical attack. That’s what I think. I thinks he made a mistake… Coming to this type of action is not fair”said Sergio Rojas.

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