«Siento que fui un imbécil, lo que no se me ha quitado del todo…», reflexiona Pablo Mackenna sobre su época en CQC

Author: Glamorama Team / June 14, 2022

“I feel like an idiot, which hasn’t been completely taken away from me,” is part of Pablo Mackenna’s reflection on the TV show Caiga Quien Caiga.

In 2002, the 53-year-old writer founded, with Nicolás Larraín and Felipe Bianchi, the Chilean version of the Trans-Andean space.

Mackenna left the program in 2005 and last year referred to the production saying:

“I’m sure the program we did can’t be done because in many ways we were idiots. We played within limits that fortunately we learned to control, vis-à-vis women, vis-à-vis people who hadn’t hurt anyone.

Faces of CQC responded to this – which until 2021 made special editions of the production, for the elections -, stating the following:

Philippe Bianchi: “I can understand it, because at 52, and after the life he lived, Pablo Mackenna doesn’t even know what he remembers”

Gonzalo Feito: “What a pity that you consider yourself an idiot, Pablo. There are therapies to overcome this…”

Ivan Guerrero: “Well, the definition of imbecility, even according to the Greeks, has always been in the mouth of the person who says it.”

Meanwhile, nearly a year after that, Mackenna reacted in a chapter of Podemos Hablar broadcast by CHV over the weekend. Said:

“The truth is that I was very impressed, because what I was saying was an act of constriction that I expected them to share. Now Iván Guerrero quoting the Greeks is a bit much…

“What I meant to say, and I think we all kind of realize that, was that it was a time when we all went into a bit of a shock and we continued to carry a lot of people.

“The program was about politics, football, entertainment. And we were a bit ruthless. Personally, I suffer from verbal vertigo. And I think that a verbal construction that works, an auction, I stay in there, in the construction, and I forget that behind the construction there are people.

“For me, making money for a politician, to whom we put energy, we paid him and, in addition, we believed him, and then he betrays us, I don’t care if he treats him badly because he deserves it, in the event he deserves it. But suddenly the people on TV that you found were doing it right or wrong, they didn’t hurt anyone.

“So to be so ruthless seems a bit grotesque to me, also with women. The times are changing. But I think even for those moments, the adrenaline of the program, the shock, me personally, with my verbal vertigo, I started carrying a lot. And yes, I feel like an asshole, which hasn’t been completely taken away from me.

“We remember the Campos twins. I won’t remember the things I said, but they were terrible. And I try to make amends to all those people who, in time, slipped up. In life I found myself and tried to mend. I think we missed the yew.”

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