In America of Mexico they stop the insistence of Pablo Solari after the decision of Colo Colo: "We are not going to do crazy things"
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In Colo Colo they set the conditions for America or any club to take Pablo Solari. In this regard, the Eagles are careful about their financial situation and recognize that they will not splurge on any player.

Mexico's America pledges not to splurge on Pablo Solari
© Agency OneMexico’s America pledges not to splurge on Pablo Solari

America from Mexico has come, once again, in search of Pablo Solari. After Colo Colo’s refusal during the transfer window at the start of 2022, the North American team found that after the Copa Libertadores elimination, it was the right time to resume the services of Pibe.

Due to the above, they made the corresponding calls again and, as happened this summer, Black and White decided to reject the American offer, which was considerably less than what they had offered the first time. In addition, in the Cacique, they set certain conditions for Pablo Solari to leave. The first is that the club receives at least 4 million cash from the operation and, in addition, the departure of the Argentine is at the end of the season.

Given this scenario, the team where Iván Zamorano shone will maintain their financial reason and have agreed that they will not do crazy things in this market. This, because although club azulcrema’s finances are better than Colo Colo’s, they are cautious when it comes to new signings.

This was confirmed by Héctor González Iñárritu on Fox Sports México’s “La Última Nombre” show. The Eagles manager spoke about the American team’s interest in having Pablo Solari and, in addition, confessed that El Pibe wanted to go to Mexican football. However, the transaction will only take place on terms they deem fair.

“The young person wants to come, there is negotiation. To this price you have to add negotiation margins (representative quota, taxes, etc.) and at some point you have to place an economic order. That, Santiago Baños (president of America) manages it very well. If it happens under conditions that we consider to be very fair, perfect, and if it doesn’t happen, we’re not going to do anything crazy.”he expressed.

In this way, it seems that the Millonetas have put a damper on the interest of having the Pibe, given the resistance of Colo Colo and the high price they put on the sale of the Argentine player.

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