“Luciano Cabral had all the conditions to play in the adult Red;  I was going to be the owner"

“At the beginning of September, I have to be before the judge so that he can determine whether or not he should grant me the benefit. I earned it with the behavior and the drive through it all that I have been deprived of liberty.” The testimony of Luciano Cabral in La Tercera, from a prison in the province of Mendoza, makes the joy of Hugo Tocalli, his former trainer.

In a chat with AS, Platense’s young football coach sent a message to the Argentine-Chilean: “God wants him to be lucky,” he says. Cabral, who went through the Roja Sub 20 when Tocalli was in charge of the minor teams, was sentenced in 2018 to nine and a half years in prison after being involved in the murder of a person. This year, he could have another chance at freedom.

“A few years ago I had to travel to Mendoza with San Lorenzo. I went with the campus and made the decision to visit him in San Rafael. I had spoken to Luciano (Cabral) on the phone and coordinated with the lawyer. He asked for it at the penitentiary and they said yes, so I went there, ”says Tocalli.

– How would you describe this moment with Cabral?

– I spent about three hours with him, we drank mate because we still didn’t have a pandemic and we talked about football. The least I talked about was what happened and how it happened. He took our visit very well and was happy. He didn’t know how to serve me and what to use me for, but I told him to be calm, that I had come to talk.

– Were they close before he entered prison?

– First I got him in Argentinos Juniors and when I went to manage the Chilean youth teams, I did the paperwork for him to play in the Sub 20. Unfortunately, after that the problem arose. He couldn’t play in La Roja’s adult team and I’m sure he could. I always say it. Luciano had a lot of talent, but he couldn’t and that was it.

– Luciano Cabral said in the interview that he always dreamed of reaching La Roja as an adult. Do you see it as something possible?

– He will have to play a full year to find the rhythm of football, but as a player, I insist that he had the conditions to join the national team. I don’t know how he is now, but at that time I imagined him as a starter. I hope I can go out and play football again.

– Is it possible to return to professionalism after so many years?

– It’s going to cost him dearly, I’m not going to tell you otherwise, but if he has the chance to play in a club for a whole year, I’m sure he will find his rhythm and he will be the player he is again. His ability was not related to fitness or power, it was based on how good he is as a footballer and that is never lost.

– That’s enough?

– It is that months of work may be lost, but afterwards it will be intact in its conditions. But it is as true as it must be seen. You have to know how he is in his head and if he is in the mood. If he comes back, it would be good and he would be very happy.

Tocalli's visit to Luciano Cabral


Tocalli’s visit to Luciano Cabral

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