Netflix announces a reality show inspired by The Squid Game: it will have contestants from all over the world

The streaming platform made the announcement on Tuesday and is already recruiting competitors from around the world. To participate, only one condition is required, know it here.

The streaming service has announced that it will be making a reality competition based on the series by Korean director Hwang Dong-hyuk, The squid gamewhere people from all over the world will be able to participate fulfilling just a requirement.

The production, which arrived in the N rouge catalog on September 17, quickly became a success, occupying the first position of the most watched series, stage that no other Korean drama had reached.

The fiction consisted of a group of highly indebted people who were recruited to play and pass various tests based on children’s games in exchange for a millionaire prize, however, those who failed to overcome them were either killed or lost their lives in the game.

The sadistic Squid Game won people’s fanaticism by tackling this central topic, which reality TV will now also tackle, no deaths, they clarified from production.

What is?

Those who join the reality show, like in the Korean series, will compete for a price of $4.56 million -something like four billion Chilean pesos-, however, this is not a random number, as they will also be 456 attendees.

According to the producers of the reality show, this is the competition program with the largest number of people in the world.

Although they have assured that several games will be based on those seen in the series, they have also integrating new challenges to “keep participants off guard”.

How to participate in the reality show Squid Game?

The streaming platform is already recruiting participants from all over the world for the reality show Squid Game, who only have to meet one mandatory requirement: speak English.

Although the series is originally in Korean, it was decided to use the Anglo-Saxon language so that participants, wherever they come from, can understand each other.

To apply for the reality show, people must enter the website, where a virtual card will be displayed, the same as the one received by the protagonist of the series to enter the game and from there complete options.

The new production will be filmed in the UK and even No details on how the prize will be split have been released. among the participants or if there will be only one winner.

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