PHOTOS: Gala Caldirola lit up the Nets with an intimate tattoo

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After the episode of harassment he faces Caldirola Galaand which was exposed in a recent live from the entertainment journalist, Cecilia GutierrezIn addition to the nasty comments that emerged about the Spaniard in La Roja’s dressing room, the model decided to handle everything very well in his style, relaxed, and sharing with his fans a photograph that did not leave much indifferent.

“You know that Gala Caldirola has always had a very European flag, although I’m single, so I’m opening myself up to all possibilities. That in the football circle is super frowned upon. They peel it“, commented the famous journalist Paula Escobar in Que te lo dice.

Gala Caldirola is stripped down a lot in this whole super small circle of national team footballers, and especially women footballers. He called her “very cowardly”. Let them peel it, they peel it. Gala Caldirola is super bald.

However, despite everything they say against her, it is very clear that Gala Caldirola is slipping and living the life she wants, apparently very happy and at ease, which is why she did not hesitate to show recently in her Instagram stories a photograph of one of her most sensual and intimate tattoos.

It’s a tattoo with some sort of tribal design that the old reality has between her breasts. Reason why by showing it in the register, he left a glimpse of his bust and abdomen. Just like he was honest about his desire to get a new tattoo.

“I want to do something new”wrote the influencer, while admitting that this particular design concerns her “favorite tattoo”

In this sense, the comments and reactions of thousands of fans of the Spaniard, who celebrated her post, were immediate.

Instagram of Gala Caldirola.

According to a new live from the entertainment journalist, Cecilia Gutierrezthe spanish influencer Caldirola Gala faces a tense situation, and it is that an old friend of his parents who would have bullied her since she was 15reappeared and contacted her these days.

According to the information revealed by the same model on the situation she is going through during the live Instagram, the subject even threatened her to go to Chile, and has not stopped harassing and persecuting her since she was born. was only fifteen years old. , until today she is a 30-year-old woman who has lived in another country for a long time.

About the ordeal he is going through, details were given to users who were connected about the start of the terrifying story between the individual and Mauricio Isla’s ex-partner. It all started when the former reality girl was a teenager and the person involved broke into her parents’ house, hiding in the bathroom and threatening her with a knife.

To everyone’s surprise, as Gala Caldirola told the story, Fortunately, he also clarified that the man had been arrested and even hospitalized for his mental illness. However, he contacted her again today and it makes her very nervous and scared.

Gala Caldirol.

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