"Play there one day": the promise of the Red who chose Colo Colo as his favorite club

summer camp The heart of Ben Brereton Díaz has already been secured, the sensational striker born in England but who, having a Chilean mother, chose to be part of the Reds and is today among those who carry the hope of a winner new generation. And another of the big appearances the national team has found in Europe seems to be dreaming of being another Albo.

Although the Cacique has his own problems, since being eliminated from the Copa Libertadores de América and sharing the lead in the national championship with Ñublense and Unión Española, it has been a joy. It is that one of the greatest promises of the Chilean national team, and who has never played in the country, has his heart in summer camp.

Colo Colo has the membership card ready for Brereton.

“Know little. We’re not big fanatics either and that’s why we didn’t influence him. My parents are catholic, I’m more colocolino, but not a fanatic. I would love to see him play there one day, but it’s not something that keeps me up at night.”Nayel Mehssatou Sepúlveda’s uncle confessed.

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