Pure life!  Costa Rica beat New Zealand in the playoffs to be the last qualifier for the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The last quota for the World Cup already has its owner. This Tuesday, Costa Rica managed to get the job done and ended up with a win by the minimum count in the playoffs against New Zealand to qualify for Qatar 2022.

The Ticos return once again to the planetary test in agony and will say they are present at the tournament next November. All thanks to a goal at the start of the match, the VAR and a superb performance from his great figure: Keylor Navas.

Costa Rica was clear that the key against New Zealand would not be easy. In fact, the big protagonists of the match were the All Whites, who proposed the pace and had the most approaches to goal.

Things weren’t easy, but some early-game commotion was enough to get past the scoreboard. It was 3′ into the game that a left-back ended up finding Jewison Bennette fleeing on goal.

The winger settled down and took a cross in the area, where one of the heroes would appear. The historic Joel Campbell managed to score the ball before his rivals and changed the course so that it slipped into the goal, decreeing the 1-0.

The party was total in Costa Rica, but there was still a long game to come. This was explained to him by New Zealand who, in the 38th minute, managed to equalize and filled the Al Rayyan stadium with suspense.

A cross from the left finds Chris Wood in the box and makes it 1-1. However, when everyone hugged, the VAR call came. Tech charged a previous foul by Matthew Garbett against Óscar Duarte, who ended up disallowing them the goal.

In the second half, the All Whites didn’t save anything and turned towards the opposition goal to try to equalise. And they had opportunities, but that’s when the whole category of Keylor Navas appeared.

PSG and the former Real Madrid keeper have lived up to expectations by keeping a clean sheet. A reflection of that was the block he had at 76′, taking a ball from the corner and, as his motto goes, he gave Costa Rica pure life.

As if that weren’t enough, New Zealand were left with one less after Kosta Barbarouse was sent off in the 69th minute, which ended up burying their options on the pitch. Thus, the Ticos accomplish the task and will be in the World Cup again thanks to a team that has never stopped believing in it.

Which Qatar 2022 World Cup group will Costa Rica be in?

With the victory by the minimum count against New Zealand, Costa Rica is now focused on what will be its participation in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The Central Americans will not have it easy, as they enter the one of the toughest crosses in the tournament. .

The last ranked for the planetary event in November falls in group E, where Germany, Japan and Spain await. Two European giants and one of the most important in Asia will be the rivals to beat if they want to dream of reaching the knockout stages.

The debut will be against the European Reds on the 23rd, to then come up against the Japanese on the 27th in a key duel and where they must add more at all costs. Things will close on December 1 against the Germans, who arrive as one of the title contenders.

Costa Rica achieves its qualification for the Qatar 2022 World Cup and will be one of the continent’s representatives. Hand in hand with Keylor Navas, their great figure, they hope to be that reveal team again as they were years ago.

It was Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifiers between Costa Rica and New Zealand

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