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Motorola has established itself as one of the most consistent brands in Android smartphones, not only because of its history, but also because of what it achieves through its innovation. For example, in recent years it has sought to expand the boundaries of a mobile device to accommodate desktop functionality. Something that is increasingly relevant in a time when telecommuting and multitasking needs are not uncommon.

In the case of Moto Edge 30 Pro, one of its most recent smartphones, the company is obviously still looking to consolidate its Ready For system, which basically allows the device to be connected to an external display to emulate the aforementioned experience of a computer. But much more important this time is the goal of fighting side by side with any high-end team that works under the Android platform.

Technical characteristics:

  • Filter: 6.7-inch 144Hz OLED with HDR10+
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
  • Memory: 8/12 GB of RAM with 256 GB of storage
  • Drums: 4,800mAh with 68W fast charging (includes wireless and reversible charging capability)
  • Cameras: 60-megapixel front sensor and rear system comprising a 50-megapixel main sensor, a 50-megapixel wide-angle sensor and a 2-megapixel depth lens
  • Others: 5G connectivity, WiFi 6E, Dual SIM, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, USB C, DisplayPort 1.4, Dolby Atmos stereo speakers and IP52 resistance

Overall, the Moto Edge 30 Pro is a chunky device that doesn’t feel heavy anyway and the materials include a matte construction on the back that makes fingerprints more unnoticed. In this area, it should also be noted that the location of the buttons – which is higher than usual – is definitely more comfortable for users with large hands (as is my case). Even so, I drew attention to the fact that when increasing or decreasing the volume of a full-screen video, it was more comfortable for me to use the right hand instead of the left. which is closer to the buttons.

On the other hand, given that this smartphone has a fairly sober exterior construction, it is striking from the start that the device has a rear camera module that sits in a curved area without edges and therefore looks more like a relief than a traditional camera module. At the same time, the sides are also curved and help keep the edges of the screen from feeling as prominent. The front camera, meanwhile, sits in a hole in the middle of the screen and doesn’t really bother even when watching full-screen video. Or at least I had the ability to ignore it.

As for the display, the first thing to highlight is the fact that its OLED display has Gorilla Glass 3 protection and offers a vivid color presentation when playing any type of streaming media content. In this context, it takes advantage of its FullHD + resolution in 20: 9 format (2400 x 1080 pixels) which delivers a brightness adapted to what is expected of a mobile device. At the same time, this display is done very smoothly if the screen setting is set to use a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

When it comes to one of the details that matters most to users, the camera system, the Moto Edge 30 Pro conforms quite well with its 50-megapixel dual system when it comes to the main sensor and its wide angle. Broadly, you can get traditional or more eye-catching panoramic shots that are used without issue in dim and bright conditions. Thus, the basic photos obtain detailed results in line with what one would expect from high-end equipment.

Add the fact that colors aren’t saturated, dull results aren’t achieved either, and the use of HDR helps if they want a software enhancement layer that enhances detail. In night mode, meanwhile, more dissimilar results are achieved and this is where the use of HDR can feel more excessive than it should, losing detail in favor of greater brightness.

But generally speaking, photographs can achieve striking color when the lighting conditions are right, while a cloudy day – on the concrete of every city – can be captured in all its gloom.

Here are some examples.

Another detail that stands out with the Motorola equipment is that its operating system is not excessively modified, so we end up with a very simple Android. The Moto Edge 30 Pro is no exception, so we come across a device that has almost no preloaded programs – beyond the Google suite of apps or the social network Facebook – and allows for smooth and light customization that Doesn’t seem cluttered like its equivalents offered by other companies.

Likewise, following the trend of Moto, the smartphone also has settings that offer gesture navigation that is quite easy to use, although I must point out that they insistently invite us to try at the beginning of our navigation.

And with the maps on the table, the Moto Edge 30 Pro follows the line that we are already used to in the company, including settings for customizing game instances through a specific mode or all the multitasking functions that are available for users through System Ready. For example, if they need a camera for their computer which does not have one, they can easily use the phone as such an extension.

Finally, another relevant detail for all users is related to the battery and in this case we find a level of autonomy quite appropriate thanks to its 4,800 mAh. It’s not one of the best batteries around, but it really works when it comes to everyday use where you don’t have to search for the charger in the middle of the day.

And taking into account this detail, as well as the fact that it is a device with a solid and more efficient Snapdragon processor, a screen of good performance, satisfactory results in the captures with the cameras and a system of clean and light operation, there is no more It should be emphasized that this Moto Edge 30 Pro is an interesting alternative for all those who need to have a high-end experience, but without spending as much as the main cards available in the Android field.

The Moto Edge 30 Pro is available at 799,990 Chilean pesos on Motorola’s official website.

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