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granny from skyrim is an elderly lady who streams herself enjoying The Elder Scrolls V. We know that a sixth part is already being developed by Bethesda, although it is unclear when it might arrive. This is why the streamer asks to be released before he dies.

Skyrim’s real grandmother’s name is Shirley Curry.. Since he is well known to players of Ancient Scrollswas invited to a special panel at PAX West. Here they asked him what would you like to say to Todd Howard, director of the sixth installment.

Before questioning, Curry Shirley answered: ‘I would say hello to him. Also give me a cool game and hurry up with The Elder Scrolls 6. I want to play it before I die‘. On top of that, she was asked what she would like to see in the new episode and said she wanted “more things to scare her.”

Skyrim Granny has a word for Todd Howard
Source: Shirley Curry

Skyrim’s Grandma Revealed She Loves Horror Video Games Too, But Has Trouble Finding Them. So having “scary” elements in the new Ancient Scrolls would be a great plus. This way you can enjoy two of your favorite genres at the same time.

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The 45-minute panel featured questions about games other than the Granny from Skyrim. Between them To fall Yes Baldur’s Gate 3. The latter seems to be his second favorite after Skyrim. while of To fall He said it felt like it was a game that was already dead.

Skyrim Granny not interested in Starfield

In addition to The Elder Scrolls 6right now Bethesda seems to have his hands full with star field. This title also Todd Howardhas a good portion of the gaming world very excited. However, Granny of Skyrim does not fall into this circle of hype..

Starfield Blanket
He looks awesome. | Image: Bethesda.

Another question asked was if she was excited to try star field. Skyrim’s grandmother has indicated that she might give it a try when it comes out, but it’s not something she’s too excited about.. Hope your appeals reach the ears of Todd Howard and can reach to enjoy The Elder Scrolls 6.

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