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With distinctly distinct features, iOS and Android have their own lists of apps that only work on one of the two operating systems or which, in their specific version, work better on one of the two. Noted for its security section, something that developers look for when creating new apps or improving old ones, iOS offers a wide variety of them that aim to make life easier for its users. From video editing, financial and sleep advice to how to listen to music, here are 10 must-haves to download on your iPhone.

Amplosion is an application that prevents AMP pages from loading, automatically loading a full web version from the mobile phone. AMP pages, originally created by Google, are easier to load versions of some mobile websites, and are sometimes useful because they consume less data and are easier to load. On other occasions, its format does not help the user’s end goal and often it does not end well, because its composition leaves out some elements that could be considered important.

This app is an extension for the Safari browser that comes pre-installed on iPhones. When enabled, it prevents the loading of AMP versions of visited websites, while displaying statistics on the number of times the application has been activated on that particular web page, giving important data on the amount lost in the mobile version.

The app disables the AMP mode of certain web pages which could possibly look bad on the phone.

For music lovers. An option to conventional streaming platforms that is based on playing songs using YouTube as a source. It has all the basic options of any streaming app, it can also create playlists, organize saved music, make backups and even play music with the phone locked, which YouTube can’t do unless you have access to it. have the premium version. Musi can also stream to any AirPlay-enabled device, making it very user-friendly for different spaces and occasions, even with a special car interface if used while driving.

Musi uses YouTube as its source, so it has an almost endless music library.

IFTTT is an automation app that works like the advanced and specialized form of iOS Shortcuts. This creates an automation in the cell phone, which can activate certain modes or applications designated by the user while performing a certain task in other applications. It is a tool that can, without requiring a code or a very complicated interface to understand, completely change the way applications are used in the mobile phone to make life easier for the user, favoring the agility of the device.

IFTTT can combine more than 700 services and applications, and automate nearly 100,000 actions according to the user’s need. For example, you can display Instagram links as a full image on Twitter instead of a link to the user, or activate the device timer each time a social media app is opened. These combinations between applications can be used to measure, facilitate, connect or simply create a dialogue between two different applications for the convenience of the user. Plus, it controls and automates Siri-enabled smart home devices, also serving as a security app.

The application connects other applications together to automate and trigger the tasks that the user entrusts to it.

In the photo and video editing section, there’s a wide range of options, but it’s a firm favorite with App Store editors. This professional video editor for iPhone and iPad is a software with very detailed tools such as adjustment layers, multi-layer function, speed boost, reverse video, text animations, etc. The idea is to be able to create, from mobile phone videos, pieces with very good quality cinematographic accents, whatever the level of experience of the person occupying it.

Among its features, the use of portrait mode but in video stands out, working on any iPhone with dual or triple camera, LiDAR and Face ID. This creates a more detailed depth map than the phone, working with keyframes and a stabilizer, something Adobe doesn’t yet have in its editing suite for the iPhone.

This application has the great advantage of using artificial intelligence for its service, projecting it as one of the best camera applications currently on the App Store. Although it is paid, its AI tools make it an option worth trying.

The Specter Camera system works with long exposures that manage to capture a moment when a long time has elapsed in the image, using its artificial intelligence to layer the frames on top of each other, and these can be removed later at the user’s preference. get rid of some things that can disturb the image.

The grace of the application is that it manages to automatically detect when an element obstructs the scene without adding value to the image, which makes the elimination process much more intuitive and easy. If a car or person unexpectedly crosses paths in a long exposure photo, Specter Camera does not blur it, but erases it directly from the final image.

With the help of AI, this app improves long exposure photos.

GoodTask is a reminder-based and calendar-based task and project manager from Apple. The application can be used as a simple list, but it can also be used as a complex tool capable of managing projects, managing, synchronizing and grouping various and personalized tasks in the mobile phone.

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Among its features, you can sync with macOS reminders and calendars, manage lists of these reminders and calendars, add data and text snippets, include links, labels and names, and filter priorities. With this app you can include goals that will change based on time, date and location, working intuitively to facilitate processes.

This app also has a desktop version and is compatible with Apple devices.

Spark Mail is an app that organizes all your email in one place, managing email from multiple accounts into logical, customizable categories to help you stay organized.

Noted for its simple interface, the application can configure notifications and subcategories of emails, while allowing various management options such as doing an action for several groups at the same time (like leave read or mark as important ), quickly delete and order, among others.

In addition, in the inbox you can also schedule sending repetitions, follow-up reminders or email scheduling, including smart search in its top bar and also allowing you to collaborate on emails. -mails other people via his group management. An easy way to manage everything from one place.

In the finance section, MoneyCoach has been featured multiple times in the “Apps We Love” category on the App Store. This allows you to create financial habits in a very easy to understand interface. The app offers management and learning services, with tools to reduce financial stress as its main feature.

With the app, you can do several things such as personalized and smart budgets for saving, set goals that will trigger help guides for fully personalized savings, view a tracker of the net worth you have and its progress in time, view intuitive reports and, most importantly, import all financial data from bank applications to control your own information.

The application allows you to synchronize data with the rest of the devices that use iOS to get the best performance from its predictive graphs, setting up savings accounts and allowing you to see personalized exchange rates. With all these tools, the user can, among other things, check the balance of monthly income, fixed costs and budgets.

In the main applications it is essential to have a password manager, an important section that goes hand in hand with cybersecurity. The great thing about 1Password is its simplicity. It works with just one master password and lets you protect dozens of website logins, credit card details, Wi-Fi passwords and more.

This application started as computer software, and its success led to the creation of its mobile version, which is very popular today. 1Password has extensive customization tools and allows, among other things, to record, store, generate, organize and protect any type of password you have inside the device, at the both in other applications and on web pages. It also has a bank account section which is very useful.

AutoSleep is an application that monitors users’ sleep and based on the data collected, keeps users informed about their sleeping habits, how much energy they will have during the day and how to improve their sleep cycles.

The app is paid but was chosen as the best in its category of health and wellness for iOS users, with several settings to have details on how you sleep and how to get a good sleep and a mindfulness. Among the details it can provide, it highlights how much energy you will have in the day based on the sleep log and whether or not you had a restful sleep.

The app works fine on its own, but it can even give more details, tips, and routines if connected to an Apple Watch, which in turn can track heart rate, breathing, sleep movement, when the person woke up. at night, among other things.

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