The actress who is remembered for 'Sucupira' claimed to have suffered a lot outside of television

He was a recognized face of the TVN television series in the 1990s. But after being part of “Sucupira” (1996), “Oro verde” (1997) and “Iorana” (1998), Ana Luz Figueroa (51) n never appeared in a major role again. Although they called her for minor roles, her long absence didn’t end until last Thursday when she helmed the final chapter of “The Least Thought Day” and it was shining.

She was interviewed in MONwhere he gave a revealing interview: “I already have my ego super tamed, I worked on it for years, because we suffer, we want to play and if you have no problem as an actress, let’s go”.

– But was it a bitter pill or something more serious?

– It was profound, because I grew up thinking I was just an actress, so It was very, very, very frustrating not being able to work, live, do what makes you happy. It was really a shame not to have the place.

– How long did this process take?

– Many years, many years, it also coincided with a personal process. I was trying to get pregnant and it took me six years to have my son (he’s 12 now) because I couldn’t. It was six years of a long and painful process (in a few weeks he will launch a book with this experience entitled “I know you are there” at Velcro editions).

– How did you get out of this period?

– Said “I have to reinvent myself, I have to turn the page, leave it in place and if it comes out (some performances) well, but I have to be able to support myself”. I already had a son, I wanted to manage on my own and this led me to find the possibility of living aerial yoga. I was a student, I made friends with the teacher and she said to me “I am going to Argentina to take a course, do you want to go there?” I told her “no, I’m an actress” and she replied “well, do you choose, or do you spend eight hours working in a store or do you take the course and dedicate yourself to teaching?”. I, broken inside, said “I’m going to try” and a world opened up to me and it was fascinating.

– Have you been out recently then?

– Yes, I would say that I only found my way in 2017every other year has been a difficult journey through a search of not knowing what to do. I managed two restaurants in Plaza Ñuñoa and I was fantastic, but that was not what I liked. It helped me to say that I serve where they put me. I trained as an aerial yoga teacher (@analuzfz on Instagram), a variation of traditional yoga, I set up a room called Studio Kiron, in Pirque, and today I’m dedicating myself to that, I teach. I started this in 2020 and now I serve people and help them in the process of self-knowledge.

Was your downfall from “Iorana” to 2017?

– Yes, number of years. It was painful.

He returned to his origins

Ana Luz Figueroa announced that she would also return with a work called “Bad Mothers”, at the same time remembering her debut on TVN as Las Últimas Noticias points out. In fact, her debut as an actress was not in a television series, but in the same program “The least expected day”, in the chapter entitled “Date with love” (1993) while she was only 22 years old.

Responsible for this return was also the creator of the program Carlos Pinto: “We asked for a budget and it was minimal so we couldn’t bring any stars, although that wasn’t my intention either. We are not here to hire big stars, because it is the intention of the program not to have any, we generate stars and we call our own stars again, like Ana Luz Figueroa. Thursday was spectacular”

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