The Minister of Cultures dedicates a message to Nina Simone after the controversial declarations of Jordi Castell

The photographer’s comments on the adoption story of one of his pets sparked controversy in the latest broadcast of ‘La Divina Comida’.

The controversy prompted the words of Jordi Castell on her way through the program “Divine Food”last Saturday, where he talked about the story of adopting his dog “Nina Simone” which he found under complex conditions.

“There were five puppies that were born locked in a cardboard box, because the stupid owner had the brilliant idea of ​​locking the mother dog in a box for the duration of her pregnancy (…). The males were all beautiful, blond, and this black woman arrived, malnourished (…). The poor thing was ugly as the dark night. In fact, that’s why, with all due respect, I named her Nina Simone, because she’s black and ugly.”guaranteed on screen.

After the episode aired, the intervention was criticized on social media, where the photographer was accused of having racism. A few hours later, via his Instagram profile, Castell was criticized and explained his statements.

“I understand and I regret that there are people who look in the mirror and do not like what they see, they draw anger and resentment, looking for excuses to insult and even create in their narrow minds that I am a racist”he pointed.

“Do not continue to believe that with a chlorine bath you will whiten, because you are wasting your time in addition to giving capricious interpretations to my words,” he added.

Yesterday, at times when the controversy still filled the networks, via her Twitter account, the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Julietta brodskyshared a reflection on Nina Simone that has gone viral on the platform.

“Nina Simone was not only an artist who revolutionized music, but a woman involved in the civil rights movement and an activist for women’s rights”he writes in a publication that he accompanies with a GIF of the artist.

“His songs full of pain still remind us why racism must always be condemned”he added at the end of the message, which sparked a long debate about the American pianist and composer.

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