Vanesa Borghi kisses with her new partner

He is already in another stage. Vanesa Borgi showed up this Monday at the wind with her new companion. The famous Argentinian communicator, whose marital separation was announced last March, celebrated her 39th birthday with an intimate party where Carlos Garcesher boyfriend, had an important role.

Vanesa Borghi kisses with a new partner

Pre-Birthday Celebration… Sorry for the impromptu, but I love you all. I won’t tag, but thank you thank you“said the model in the stories format of her official Instagram account (@vanesaborghi) during the broadcast of images of the evening, in the presence of personalities such as Horace de la Pena Yes Sergio Arolaamong others.

Vanesa Borghi kisses with a new partner Vanesa Borghi kisses with a new partner Vanesa Borghi kisses with a new partner

Who also attended the party was the photographer and influencer Heads of Carmenwho used your digital platform to share an image where Vanesa Borghi appears kissing Garcés. It should be noted that since last April there have been rumors of a romance between the television figure and Carlos. This following a trip they made together to Brazil.

Vanesa Borghi kisses with a new partner

Vanesa Borghi kisses with a new partner

In mid-March it became known the breakup of Borghi and Danilo Sturiza, with whom he was with for 11 years. “There will never be the right time to say it, nor the precise words. It has been 11 wonderful years that you have often participated in and for the same reason, in a way, I wanted you to know that even if the couple’s relationship has ended, the love and respect will continue.“, confided the former reality tv by telling the break.

Journalist Cecilia Gutierrez revealed that Sturiza was already in a new relationship. “It was a few months ago, but he met girls before. I think they had gotten into trouble because he was diligent about messaging girls in entertainment as a trainee to make him look cute and then Vanesa found out“, downgraded the TV panelist.

Vanesa Borghi kisses with a new partner

The confessions of Vanessa Borghi

in conversation with the coast magazine, the driver opened up about her new life after ending her marriage. “It is a stage of rebirth, a different new phase. Sometimes cute, sometimes less. And even if I share a lot of things on social networks, I keep the others for me and for those who really know me, I talk about my close entourage between the family and some friends“, he commented.

Of course, it’s a complicated stage where a mixture of feelings coexists, because I’m starting from zero, even if many say ‘It’s not that you already have your apartment’, yes, I’m starting from zero because I have spent 11 years with a partner, with my husband, in an apartment living with him, he being my family“, confessed Vanesa Borghi, who added that”everything is a very big change, but that does not mean that it is bad, because the human being is the one who adapts best and fastest to changes. And although it costs to achieve it, I have to do it myself. ‘Cause I could, I can and I will”.


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