"Are you going to explain to me what teamwork is?"  : bitter debate between Borghi and Fouillioux on the importance of Brereton in the Red

Claudio Borghi and Gonzalo Fouillioux starred in a heated argument discussing Ben Brereton Díaz’s importance to La Roja. While “Bichi” said that the Blackburn Rovers striker was not yet able to save the national team, “Fullú” underlined the importance of “Big Ben” in some passages of the last qualifying rounds and that the Chilean local media could not train a striker of his level.

During yesterday’s Tuesday edition of ‘Todos Somos Técnicos’ on TNT Sports, the panelists in attendance analyzed what the Asian tour left behind for La Roja. In this context, Borghi lowered the profile of the good feelings left by Nayel Mehssatou and drew attention to the Chilean media for not being able to train players of equal or higher level to those “nationalized” who have recently been included in the selection. .

This triggered the discussion between Borghi and Fouillioux, which focused on the Brereton affair.

Foullioux: We exchange ideas and I heard something very similar when Brereton appeared. When Brereton appeared he became a very important player and we couldn’t develop a player like him.

Borghi: For me, Brereton is still not up to the task of saving the national team.

Foullioux: I didn’t say to save the national team, but to be a starter and beat the others like Iván Morales.

Borghi: I will give it to you. If Brereton puts the team on his shoulder, he scores goals and beats a few, but I say that’s still not a solution.

Foullioux: I think that for a qualifying passage it was clearly a solution.

Borghi: Well, if that’s for you, fine, but let me give my point of view. Not for me. For me, a phenomenon is an immobile guy, who plays well every game, who scores goals, who gives assists. For me Ben is not on this scale.

Foullioux: I’m not saying he was a phenomenon, I’m saying he was a very useful player.

Borghi: But many have been helpful. Gonzalo, I don’t want to argue with you. I tell you what I think, if you think that Ben is a solution, so much the better.

Foullioux: I think it was a great solution for the Chilean team.

Borghi: Look, Chile didn’t qualify for the World Cup.

Foullioux: Well, but it’s not Brereton’s fault. Obviously, it’s a very long process and he brought goals all of a sudden, he brought another energy. The players themselves have said so.

Borghi: I never told you it was Ben’s fault. I say you are talking about an important team when they qualify for the World Cup.

Foullioux: Yes, but they qualify for the World Cup together. Not a footballer.

Borghi: Are you going to tell me what teamwork is, Gonzalo? I know they work together…

Foullioux: We give a player another rating, basically.

Borghi: I started playing this when I was 8 years old, I know exactly who is playing next to me, who is playing behind, who is playing in front, I know I depend on a guy who scores… that’s- that is to say that you don’t know more than I do to play as a team. I’m not saying he didn’t qualify because of Ben, I’m saying if you bring in a guy from outside he has to be way better than what you have on campus. If Alexis and Vargas are playing at their best, is Ben playing?

After a few interventions from other panelists questioning Borghi’s last intervention, the world champion with Argentina in Mexico 1986 wanted to close his opinion on Ben and his relevance to La Roja with the following words: “I give examples . We at 22 have nothing because we work so badly that it will be very difficult to have. And I’m not saying it right now, I think in four years having a 22-year-old player for the national team is going to be impossible, unless a Martian comes out, a completely different one.”

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