Argentinian journalist Fernando Niembro suffers social media megafuna after comparing VAR to 'a 17-year-old girl'


Fernando Niembro, a famous football commentator in Argentina, did not explain himself well during his VAR analysis during a match between San Lorenzo and Arsenal. He asked that the referees “not fall in love” with the technological tool then clarified that “the problem is to believe that it is about a young girl of 17 years”.

Fernando Niembro made a questionable reflection on the use of VAR and compared it to falling in love with a minor
© File, archiveFernando Niembro made a questionable reflection on the use of VAR and compared it to falling in love with a minor

At 74, Fernando Niembro remains afloat in Argentine journalism, although in good boomer, sometimes it just takes a kick out of it. Like the controversial reflection he made during the broadcast of the match between San Lorenzo and Arsenal for the Argentine championship. The sports journalist is the protagonist of a megafuna on social networks.

All this for a particularly inappropriate example in the times in which we live. The communicator and politician made a terrible comparison when talking about the repeated use of VAR by referees, the newly launched technological tool in Transandean football.

After an Arsenal goal was validated, Niembro dropped some advice. “Hey VAR guys: please don’t fall in love. Play the game fast. The game was clear. Finish it over there in Ezeiza,” he said, referring to the headquarters of the Argentine Football Association north of Buenos Aires.

“I don’t know if they’re bored, if they want to participate… what do I know! The game is clear, let’s get this over with. Careful, I’m a VAR defender to death , you need in Argentine football…”, added the commentator when Federico Bulos said: “Perez got away with it”.

Niembro: ‘The problem is believing the VAR is a 17-year-old girl’

But since it wasn’t clear, Fernando Niembro was even more specific. “The problem is believing she’s a 17-year-old girl…I mean, that’s the stage of falling in love, at 17 or 18, when you get a girlfriend. That the VAR is not the referees’ girlfriend,” he stressed.

Diario Olé contacted the journalist to make his defence. And it ended with a ‘don’t get brighter, you get darker’. “I have no idea what is being said. You can fall in love with a 17-year-old girl, what’s the problem? She’s not a minor. If you can vote from 16. I have no comment to make”.

Like Chile, Argentina has set the age of majority at 18. But indeed, young people can exercise the right to vote from the age of 16, but the option is not compulsory, since it is from the age of 18.

Despite San Lorenzo and Arsenal being tied 3-3, all the attention of the match was on Fernando Niembro’s sentence, which flooded social media with blame.

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