Ex-La Roja DT hits out at Ben Brereton after his Asia tour:

Sports commentator and former Chilean national team coach Claudio Borghi has criticized the national team’s payroll for the Asian tour and stressed that Ben Brereton is not a “saviour”.

Three defeats in three games and zero converted goals. It was the record of Chilean national team during his tour of Asia, which, although it served as an initiation into the new process under the command of Eduardo Berizzo, left more doubts than they already had.

A handful of questions that have become latent, not only in the national fandom, but also for a former coach of ‘La Roja’; Claudio Borghi.

The sports commentator and world champion with Argentina during the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, during the program We Are All Technicians of TNT Sportsanalyzed the collective game and the individual performance of each of the named ‘Toto’.

“I’m not unfair to whoever made the list, but who got kicked out? If we look at the creation of the game, there is no player. There are two possibilities for Berizzo; waiting for a player to come out and the other thing is for him to go into the under-15 to get players to serve him in the adult. If you can’t form a point marker, let’s close from the outside ”began the ‘Bichi’, referring, among other things, to the call of Nayel Mehssatou.

In the same vein, the quadruple Chilean football champion under the orders of Colo Colo insisted on the fact that “the team of all” depends 100% on the players who play abroad or who, directly, were nationalized.

“For 22 years we have had nothing because we have worked so badly that it is impossible. And in four years we will have less. When you have no work in the youth teams, it is impossible to have players… Midfield players are missing. Does the work belong to Berizzo or to inferiors? If we look at the creators or the nines, there are some, but they are all foreigners »he remarked.

A reflection that culminated in one of the revelations of the national team in the last installment of the Conmebol playoffs, Ben Brerettonwhose true contribution to the team has been questioned.

“For me, Brereton is still not up to the task of saving the national team. It was useful, but it’s not a phenomenon.condemned Borghi, generating debate with the rest of the panelists at the table.

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