Fernando Niembro is 'grounded' on social media for controversial comment

Famous Argentinian journalist Fernando Niembro was ‘founded’ on social media by comparing VAR in football with 17-year-old girls.

At the beginning of the third date of the Argentinian Professional League Tournamentthe famous commentator Ferdinand Niembro He made an unfortunate comment when talking about the relationship between VAR and Transandean football referees.

San Lorenzo and Arsenal played a great game at Nuevo Gasómetro: Ciclón started to lose, turned the tide 3-1, had chances to close out the win and Sarandí’s side equalized in an impressive flurry on 10 minutes of the end.

According to 442, the reporter began by reflecting on the long delays caused by the application of VAR in matches: “Please don’t fall in love. Play the game quickly, the game was clear”.

Next, Niembro used an inappropriate metaphor between referees and video refereeing: “Warning, I’m a VAR defender to death, it’s necessary in Argentine football. The problem is believing she’s a 17-year-old girl.”.

The journalist’s comment caused disgust on the networks, where the quoted part went viral with several “funas” against the longtime commentator.

Faced with the wave of messages against him, Fernando Niembro closed his idea with the progress of the play. “I say, it’s the stage of falling in love, at 17, 18 when you make a girlfriend… that the VAR is not the friend of the referees”, he condemned.

Check the comments against Fernando Niembro:

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