From exile to La Roja: the lineage of the selected Nayel Mehssatou which links him to Chilean lands

From exile to La Roja: the lineage of the selected Nayel Mehssatou which links him to Chilean lands

The young winger’s grandfather, Nayel Mehssatou, Pedro Sepulvedal, talks about the Belgian-born player’s bond with Chile, which prompted him to wear the La Roja shirt.

A story to tell, no doubt, is the bond that the new national team player From Chile, Nayel Mehsatou, has with the country.

His grandfather, Pierre Sepulveda, was exiled from the country and entered Belgium, where he continued his life, and it is the place where he fathered his family. What you never imagined is that 55 years later, one of his grandchildren, would represent the colors of his homeland.

In a dialogue with the AS sports media, the relative of the young winger who represents the national team, detailed his reaction, knowing that his Belgian grandson, he would play for the colors of his precious country.

The 80-year-old sociologist commented on his response, after learning of the appointment of one of his own, noting: “I am very happy with the appointment of Nayel for the national team.”

“When he arrived in Chile, I went to see him at the hotel. He had been the first to arrive, so I was alone. We went to meet him and give with my son Patricio. We had lunch together,” he said.

The interview

In the note made in the aforementioned medium, he was consulted on many things, which led to their offspring, make the decision to defend the flag of the country.

Sepulveda said: “He came to Chile four times. The first was when he was younger, so I don’t think he remembers it. Later, when he was older, He spent several days in my house in Colbún”.

“When he was in the Sub 17, he also came two or three days. He really likes the mountains, riding horses, running around and going to Lake Colbún. In Belgium, we also met several times,” said the Chilean.

Already, when asked about his connection with the European country, the national, residing in Colbún, pointed out: “Belgium was very good for me. The Free University of Brussels did the impossible to get me out of the clutches of the dictatorship and succeeded. He had tickets and a job offer in this country.

In addition, he mentions that he had to experience very unpleasant things during the period of the dictatorship, which led him to take the option of traveling to the country of the old continent.

In the conversation he said: “From September 1973 to September 1974, in Linares. It was very hard. The repression was very massive, There were many people whose rights were violated.

Later, at the end of the interview, the author of the book ‘Truth also has its time’, where he recounts the first years of the dictatorship and where he combines current events, such as the Constitutional Convention, he specified before finishing, that “I’m a fan of him and the national team.”

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