Jennifer Lopez reveals that after her divorce from Marc Anthony, she felt she had lost her worth

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Jennifer Lopez has finally created her documentary “Halftime” on Netflix, in which he not only talks about all the obstacles he had to face to achieve the success he has, as well as the sacrifices he has made, including his family.

In this sense, in part of this production, by Amanda Micheli, The 52-year-old singer admits how difficult it was for her to face criticism after signing her divorce from Marc Anthonyto whom she was married for seven years and had only two children, Emme and Max.

“When my children were 3 years old, I divorced. I was a single mother with two small children… As an artist, I lost a bit of who I was trying to build the perfect family life“, the artist is sincere.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony got engaged in 2004.
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The “Diva del Bronx” assures that she never thought that her marriage would have no future And she didn’t know she’d have to face the world, alone with two children in her care and with great job insecurity.

“At 42, movie roles weren’t knocking on my door, and when I got back to work, I felt like I didn’t know where my worth was anymore.” declared.

However, after a while, JLo was invited to “American Idol”, a project that opened many doors for herbecause he had the opportunity to live closer to his audience and show himself as he was.

Jennifer Lopez in ‘Halftime’ Shows Her Most Vulnerable Side
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“I was doing ‘American Idol’, it was my first big job after having babies and it was good for me at the time…People could see me for who I was, and that changed everything“, did he declare.

“I really learned a lot about myself. I had a purpose, and I just felt like I had to work harder on my acting, on my singing, on my dancing... in all. I just had to do better in every way,” the “Marry Me” star concluded.

Jennifer Lopez and the Super Bowl show with Shakira

For 96 minutes, JLo shows us the preparation process who lived for his halftime performance of the Super Bowl 2020 with Shakira, same thing that qualified as a big mistake, due to the short time they gave the two on stage.

“We have six minutes. We have 30 seconds of a song, and if we take a minute, That’s it, we have five left. We gotta have our moment. This won’t be a fucking dance revue.”

We will also get to see how hard it was for JLo to show that she has talent beyond being a pretty face and a pretty body.

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