'Letting live': Arturo Vidal speaks out after Peruvian national team's controversial mockery

After the defeat against Australia for the Qatar 2022 qualifiers, Peru joined the South American teams excluded from the next World Cup which will be played in November. In this direction, Arturo Vidal He posted a controversial photo mocking Gareca’s group and, after the stir, he took to Instagram again.

Arturo Vidal and social networks have a very close relationship. The Chilean footballer does not go a day without posting his daily life in an Instagram story and interacts a lot with his fans on Twitter. In front of his nearly 18 million followers, the king uploaded a photo in which he was happy, just after Peru lost on penalties against Australia. And, although it seemed like a mere coincidence, in the application of the little bird, it ended up confirming the mockery of the Peruvians.

Vidal loves jokes against Peru.

I love them since Arturo Vidal on his personal Twitter account, on which he has more than four million followers, they caused a stir. “Peru, you can save all your memes against Chile” and “it’s the karma of the Pact of Lima”, are some of the tweets in which Arturo’s heart is. The Chileans congratulate him, the Peruvians hate him more every day, but the King seems to be beyond good and evil when it comes to polemics.

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