Mobile phone on: Chileans around the world who do not lose faith in a call to the Berizzo national team

This day will begin to arrive in the country the players who made up the first Chilean team led by Eduardo Berizzo as coach, in a friendly tour of South Korea and Japan that left no goals in favor, four against, two losses and a draw in registration against the teams of the World Cup.

“These weren’t the results we wanted, but we worked very hard and the unity of the team and the experience gained will be invaluable going forward,” Ben Brereton said after the Far East tour. while the new coach shed light on what will come next will develop in Juan Pinto Durán.

“The final assessment has to do with the discovery of certain footballers on this tour. We find footballers who can be embarked on what we want (…). Now our work begins, so that the international friction makes them grow We are going with a lot of learning from the team and other people will join,” Toto explained at the end of the Kirin Cup.

And at least there seems to be where to fall back. In fact, RedGol has rounded up eleven collection cases that could appear in the Red, if Berizzo determines. Players who have been absent from everyone’s team for a year or more and whose present may be exciting in certain specific positions.

The contribution of Argentine football to the Red

The example of Argentine football should be followed closely by the new technical staff of the Chilean team. It is that there are several Chileans acting regularly in an environment of greater difficulty, and that they have been away from calls for a long time.

The contingent is led by Cristopher Toselli (34), who hasn’t appeared since Reinaldo Rueda’s cycle and is having a great season at Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero. Last weekend he left a clean sheet and was hailed by the press after the win over Boca Juniors.

Another projectable player is Guillermo Soto (28). While Berizzo brought Nayel Mehssatou from Belgium and also had Jeyson Rojas and Óscar Opazo in Asia, thinking of replacing Mauricio Isla; the track more than gained ownership in Huracán. He recovered from injury and played ten games as a starter under coach Diego Dabove.

Leandro Benegas (33) is another unknown. He joined the Chilean team in the Reinaldo Rueda era and even went on the bench in the draw against Colombia in Santiago (2020). Then he appeared in Curicó Unido, until he made the jump to Independiente de Avellaneda. How have you been? He scored four goals in twelve games, eight of them as a starter.

The lost in Europe

Europe also has material to watch. The example of Juan Delgado (29) is particular, since he played as a striker and winger with Pacos de Ferreira in Portugal, with a total of 38 games played and two goals scored, in one of the most unequal championships in the world, with the stellar presence of Porto, Benfica and Sporting.

Martín Rodríguez (27) is in Colo Colo’s plans, but the Turkish Altay does not want to release him and for good reason. Le Tin racked up 33 games and two goals last season, and despite his team being relegated, they want to retain him to help them get back in the league.

Luis Rojas (19) is another mystery. The U17 World Cup player and University of Chile youth team player has been in Italian football for two years and there is a huge growth in fitness. However, he wasn’t able to perform regularly and in Bologna he couldn’t even play in the first team, but he had to in the U19 league.

Finally, we leave an asterisk to Ángelo Henriquez (28), who left the Brazilian from Fortaleza to return to the Old Continent, this time wearing the jersey of the exotic Miedz Legnica, leader of the Polish championship and who can mark the return from striker to regular performance. , like when he played for Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia and took part in the 2015 Copa América.

Will Marcelo Diaz return?

Eduardo Berizzo’s analysis will also stop at an old acquaintance. This is Marcelo Díaz (35), whom he met during Marcelo Bielsa’s cycle with the Chilean team and then hired to join his squad at Celta de Vigo. The cons is Carepato’s lack of consistency at Libertad de Paraguay, where he has just added five games in nine months.

Similar is the situation of Ángelo Araos (25), who jumped from Corinthians to Necaxa in Mexico on behalf of Pablo Guede, who left a few months later. Then the Antofagasta man fought for a jersey but only became a substitute and added 13 games and one goal in the last half.

Also in Mexico is Igor Lichnovsky (28), who was left behind in the fight for defense shirts in the Chilean squad before the emergence of Guillermo Maripán, Paulo Díaz, Francisco Sierralta and Benjamín Kuscevic. Eleven games played and six of them as a starter he signed up for the Tigers after his time in Saudi Arabia.

Finally, Diego Rubio (29), constantly watched but never called up since 2019, closes the group. The striker has played twelve games with the Colorado Rapids of MLS this year, and has eight goals, in one of the best records of a Chilean abroad.

Note that Chile will have two FIFA dates between now and the start of the next South American Qualifiers for the North American World Cup in 2026. The first is at the end of September, and the second from November 14, when the Reds can become sparring of the teams that will participate in Qatar 2022.

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