Performance and lightness, all in a small package

Technology advances and with it new devices that continually improve their features are making their way. In the case of computers, it is not an unrelated detail, since the different brands seek to optimize the resources that have worked, while they seek to improve the aspects criticized by users.

One of the points that companies have improved is in the creation of ultralight laptop, because today it is a device that is transported from one place to another because it is used both for studying and for working in the office. It is not enough to improve the processors, the quality of the images, the connections and other elements, if the device does not end up being functional for a greater portability.

The Acer Swift 3 It is an example of this that we mention, because the company has put a lot of emphasis on both the best techniques of the laptop, as well as the lightness to handle the device. This computer is ready to perform various tasks and with even greater productivity than previous models thanks to the latest generation processors that the machine has.

With the pandemic, the use of teleworking has deepened and despite the fact that little by little humanity seems to free itself from this bug, companies continue to take this format which has made them gain so much during confinement and which allows a greater performance of their employees wherever they are. This is why demand has increased and companies have echoed it to improve their equipment more quickly, something to highlight at Acer who have made a lightweight ultrabook that allows you to do several activities at the same time, without reducing the necessary performance.

With an aesthetically sober design on the outside, but superlative on the inside, the Acer Swift 3 burst onto the market with features that go beyond what users can imagine for a study or work computer. The prices at which these devices range from 599,990 to 769,990 pesos, depending on some technical differences offered by the models.

5 keys of the Acer Swift 3

Then we will detail five keys to choose what ultralight laptop above any competitor, since you will find everything you are looking for, and more is also this Acer computer.

The screen: Acer has developed two versions in which we will highlight the 3:2, a slightly larger screen than usual, although for fans of 16:9 there is a model for them. The innovative screen, being larger, reaches a size of 18% compared to the traditional version, offering more space to be able to open more windows if you are one of those who need everything open.

Another advantage is the quality of vision, since the 16:9 has a maximum resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels in the Full HD version, while the 3:2 screen with QHD has a final resolution of 2256 x 1504 pixels. Regarding the two models, the company has developed great improvements in the colors, so it would not be different in the two versions.

Performance: It has an Intel EVO processor with a certificate that guarantees that it is completely creditworthy and that it brings the latest technology of Intel processors, which means that your laptop will have very good performance.

Inside the computer there is a 12th generation Intel processor in the I7 version, the highest model, and it is accompanied by an Intel Iris xe graphics card which brings excellent performance to all laptops hitting the market, without having to worry about how many Chrome tabs you have open, how much you need to edit in programs like Photoshop or Adobe Premier, when it comes to a common user level.

Design: The thickness is less than 16 millimeters and that is almost unthinkable with all the technology it has, which fits in such a small size and is made of aluminum and aluminum with magnesium, leaving plastic aside. This alloy is very interesting, because it is extremely resistant as well as light, weighing 1.2 kilograms, as well as these materials dissipate heat and make it a more than silent device.

Its dimensions and thickness are ideal to put it in any backpack or briefcase and take your computer anywhere. In addition to the metallic gray version, color lovers will be able to choose between two options, one in orange and the other in blue.

Connections: In addition to the ports that users can see on the side of the computer, it has WiFi 6 E, that is, it has the connection standard, which is three times faster than its predecessor, WiFi5. Although the data transmission is faster, the most important thing is the support which allows to obtain much more stable connections for activities such as video calls, live streaming or the types of activities most in demand with the pandemic.

It has all the connectors expected in a new generation computer, with a Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI, USB type A 3.2 port, which is one of the most recent, and it has an Audio Combo socket for headphones. It also has a user fingerprint reader with biometric identification.

Battery: The autonomy of the Acer Swift 3 has 56 watts, which translates into hours, we talk about 10.5 without having to use the charger, as long as it depends on how we use the computer, whether whether games, programs, brightness and other details.

Without a doubt, if you have the maximum charge, it will last all day without having to use the charger. By having the fast charging technology, with only 30 minutes we will have charged the battery for a period of approximately four hours of autonomy.

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