Sofia's Unrestrained Demeanor in Baltazar's Law Made Fans Laugh: 'Best Character'

In chapter 6 of Balthazar’s Lawairing on Tuesday, Sofía caught viewers’ attention for its comedic occurrences on Tere’s (Victoria de Gregorio) birthday.

The character of Ignacia Baeza came to the party with a “laundry”, in the company of manolo (Andrés Velasco) and without telling her husband, Marian (Gabriel Cañas), where was he going?

And it is that Sofía was determined to have a good time and, once at the party, she started drinking alcohol and joking about her “boring” life.

“For me, getting up is already quite a panorama”commented Mariano’s wife, sparking laughter among the guests.

Afterwards, Sofia shared what a normal day in her life looks like, revealing that she never sees her husband and they never have breakfast as a family as she lives “at the point of intermittent fasting”.

Considering this, Luchito (Luis Rodríguez) asked her if Mariano is never there, why did she marry him, to which Sofía replied that she didn’t know. Moreover, a few minutes later, he compared himself to Lady Di, due to their failed relationship.

Reaction from viewers of Balthazar’s Law

These comments and jokes from Ignacia Baeza’s character, as well as her “passing drinks” performance, made viewers laugh.

Thanks to Twitter, many celebrated Sofía, noting that it was one of the best roles of Balthazar’s Law.

In fact, the character has garnered so much attention that “Sofía” has become a national trending topic.

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