The millions that disappeared from Colo Colo for Gabriel Costa after Peru's exit from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

FIFA pays significant sums to clubs that provide players for selection who they believe are present at the World Cups. The option that Costa will play in Qatar faded with the elimination of Peru, and with that, the addition of a few dollars to Colombia’s coffers.

El Cacique will not be able to collect the almost 220 thousand dollars for Gabriel Costa.
© Getty Images.El Cacique will not be able to collect the almost 220 thousand dollars for Gabriel Costa.

Peru’s elimination from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar after losing on penalties to Australia dealt a blow to South American football, which saw one of its representatives lose a precious place in World Cup for the benefit of its Asian counterpart (Australia plays in the AFC) in this period. continental playoff.

Unfortunately, Colo Colo has a say in this real failure of Peruvian football, since will stop earning precious FIFA money with Peru by watching the next planetary event on TV.

How is it? The truth is quite simple. FIFA created World Cup benefits program compensation some time ago, where it is stipulated to pay a large sum of money to clubs that have players within the selection that they say will be present at the tournament. For instance, In Russia 2018, around 9,000 per day was paid to each club for players who were part of a selection.

And how are these sums paid? From 15 days before the start of the World Cup until the day after the elimination of the team concerned, which in some cases in the most competitive selections allowed to accumulate a significant figure.

To give you an idea, for Russia 2018, Real Madrid of Spain were able to add a total of 3.35 million euros, while Manchester City in England received 3.2 million. Barcelona closed the podium with around 2.7 million euros.

The minimum floor in this past is 25 days, so doing the math and thinking that Gabriel Costa was almost a fixture on Ricardo Gareca’s final 23-man roster for Qatar 2022, Colo Colo could have received a figure close to 220 thousand dollars (nearly 200 million pesos) in December of this year.

And this is the floor, since FIFA increases this figure with the progress of the World Cups. In Brazil 2014, nearly 70 million dollars were distributedwhile in Russia 2018 this figure has tripled and there were 200 of US currency.

Precious money that Colo Colo stopped earning with Costa while watching the Qatar 2022 World Cup on TV, of course, too We can include the possible Chilean national teams in this lot if La Roja had qualified, but that is another story.

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