The wrath of bowling selected by mall as headquarters in Santiago 2023

National bowling representative Arnau Sarrà has used his social media to raise his voice regarding the controversial decision to use a Happyland for the Pan American Games.

Endless reactions generated the announcement of the Pan American Sports Organization to play bowling competitions in the Happyland of the Mall Plaza Vespucio for Santiago 2023. Between ridicule, “memes” and divided opinions, the national team, Arnau Sarrahit the table and referenced the aforementioned controversy.

Through his social networks, the athlete pointed the finger at government authorities and the Chilean Olympic Committee, despite statements by the president of the latter body, Miguel Angel Mujicamaking sure it’s a decision that “hurts” them.

A complaint that had a response from Sarrà, who, on his official Twitter account, pointed out: “Those of us who really hurt are those of us who represent the country and who have practiced this sport in terrible conditions for years”.

The response from the Chilean representative was accompanied by a “common thread”, where, among other points, he recounted the difficulties that bowling is experiencing throughout the country.

“A lot of people laugh, but as a bowler it’s a shame that the only opportunity we have to continue our development is wasted”slipped the 23-year-old sportsman.

For his part, Sarrà explained that the Chilean Bowling Federation (Fedeboch) “has carried out with great effort the conditional donation of lanes for the tournament and that these remain for the legacy”, but that “Obviously, a place and an investment are necessary”.

In addition to aspiring to a high performance center, the selected specify that they must constantly “manage birthdays in training and that of four hours of training track total one because the machines fail a lot”adding that they are prepared in said places which even charge them $10,000 for 60 minutes.

“To be graphic, playing in the conditions that exist is like putting swimmers in competition in muddy pools. Even with repairs, the level would not reach the optimum because they simply do not give more,” he added.

Before finishing, Sarrà summoned the governor of the Metropolitan Region, Claudio Orregopointing: “Him saying that we are going to compete very well only shows his lack of knowledge. They may want to say on paper that the conditions will be met, but today no place in Chile is suitable for a tournament. international and, hopefully, national..

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