'They turned their back on us': Christell blamed Rojo for reacting to accusations against her parents |  Television and Show

The 24-year-old recalled her retirement from television being the subject of controversy after her parents were accused of exploiting her.

The singer and influencer Christell Rodríguez was the new guest of the program but with respect, where he spoke with journalist Julio César Rodríguez about different moments in his career and personal life. This is how Christell remembered her time at RedWhat He was marked by a controversy around his parents.

Then, the La Radio announcer asked Rodríguez how his life changed after being on television or if he felt he left fame at the right time.

“I don’t know if it was when it was due, because eventually because of these cahuines that have been generated it is that we have moved away”he commented, recalling the controversy in the media after a video went viral in the early 2000s, where the artist does not want to sing in a concert.

Next, the video showed the little girl on a stage in Calama, where she appeared with her arms crossed asking to leave the stage. because it hurts “la guatita”while his father asked him for one last song to end the show.

“It was the best thing (to retire), because obviously as a family We weren’t going to continue exposing ourselves to something as malicious as what was generated.”he said, without delving into this moment that circulated in the national media, where they pointed out that the artist was being exploited.

“I believe that no parent wants to be questioned about how they raise their child, how you support it. This is what they did with my family, and in a very ugly way, at the level where government entities got involved,” he added.

It is in this that Rodríguez remembered that at that very time sought to promote the “Christell law”which would aim to protect the integrity of child artists.

Christell’s criticism of Rojo after the accusations

Thus, the artist assured that she only became aware of the problems years later, because at her young age I didn’t understand what was happening.

“Now that I’ve grown up, I realize how much that meant. In fact, I admire my parents for their handling of the situation and for their temperance. I think they did something very mean with them.because I don’t know why they would think of inventing something similar if they saw a family that was happy,” the 24-year-old said.

In this, Christell also criticized the position he had Red at that time, possibly indicating “They didn’t know what to do.”

“In any case, if I were faced with such a situation today and I know the reality of the family, would seek to show its truth, because having left us aside agreed with everything we talked aboutall this ‘because we don’t want to intervene’”, he underlined.

Also, the old Here you dance He assured that “a lot of people knew what my relationship with my family was like and how things were going”.

TV has turned its back on usalthough they shared with us off camera, anyway when they went to my house, ”he assured, then gestured, implying that the team washed their hands.

“I believe that if they had supported us, the story would have been different. Despite that, I think things happen for a reason,” he said.

“Also, as a family, we were so calm about what was really going on that it was handled internally. Those who had to intervene intervened and realized the realityso we were very calm, ”concluded the artist.

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