Three months of PS5 optimization: Here's how the Kingston FURY Renegade SSD works in the console

Optimizing your console has never been easier. The Playstation 5 directly provides the connection to add, in a few simple steps, an SSD drive. We review a performance model: the Kingston FURY Renegade.

on paper delivers up to 7300/7000 B/s read and write thanks to the controller Phion E18 equipped and souvenirs Micron 176 layers TLC NAND.

The Kingston FURY Renegade Solid State Drive It does not bring any surprises in terms of its presentation, despite being the most efficient model. He comes in a single cardboard blister with plastic encapsulation. The content is limited to the presence of the SSD, no documentation except that printed on the color card itself.

small and mighty

Its design does not have too many incentives compared to other units, at least in size: 80mm long, 23mm wide and a thickness ranging from 2.21 mm for the 500 GB and 1 TB versions and 3.5 mm for the 2 and 4 TB versions because they have double-sided chips.

Kingston has affixed a sticker under the SSD, which should not be removed if you want to maintain the warranty. And the novelty, so to speak, will be the integration of a aluminum foil and graphene on the upper side which will act as a sink or in his case, as a heat emitter to the motherboard heatsink.

Use for 3 months

This is not a trivial fact, since it is generally recommended to apply heat sinks to these disks. They sell kits for that. Although the drive does not need it, the recommendation “further improves” the heat dissipation. Ideal for Playstation 5.

Here’s how to install it on your console:

When using it for 3 months, it showed no difficulty in its performance. Exceptional fluidity, even with the most demanding video games.

Even more in-depth technically, it withstands vibrations of up to 2.17 G in service and 20 G at rest, supporting up to MTBF of 1,800,000 hours (mean time between failures). It supports service conditions with temperatures from 0 to 70°C and safe temperatures for storage between -40°C and 85°C.

This data will be the same as many other units as they have the same quality certifications in accordance with CE standards and other countries or continents.

Phison: a foolproof controller

Kingston FURY Renegade SSD Has Memories Micron 176 layers TLC 3D NAND with name change by Kingston calling them FB25608UCM1-9E. One of those offering the highest storage density on the market, based on 3-bit cells as usual in TLC, and replacing the previous 96 layers.

The controller is the Phison PS5018-E18 PCIe 4.0the most powerful specification available, based on a process of 12nm TSMC with ARM Cortex-R5 architecture.

Its internal configuration consists of 3 cores at 1 GHz and 2 Dual CoXProcessor 2.0 cores, reaching 1,000,000 random read and write operations per second (IOPS).

Like the rest of Gen4 SSDs, with top performance, it supports NVMe 1.4, improving the transfer rate per channel from 800 MT/s to 1200 MT/s in its 8 channels. Next to it we find a configuration of 2GB Kingston DDR4-2666MHz DRAM D5116AN9CXGRK.

Quality for playing quietly

The displayed latencies are really low and consistent with this device. Kingston shows us its assault on high-end SSDs with a simple unit in terms of designusing a fine aluminum and graphene plate confident that we have motherboards with heatsinks.

Temperatures under stress have been quite good, so it will suit your use on PS5 because it ensures its compatibility.

Kingston FURY Renegade Solid State Drive provides a 5 year warranty with free technical support during this period. Undoubtedly an ally for your games in the new generation of consoles.

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