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Many times we have heard from different streamers, who complain about the bad relationship they have with Twitch, a platform which they believe favors their pocket more and does not take care of content creators, with which they maintain contracts as part of their “Twitch partner”. ” system. ”.

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Something that came back to the fore thanks to a thread of tweetsgoing viral, from a streamer called Expel, who explains that he’s going to cancel his Twitch contract, as he says: “Twitch Partner is completely useless for most creators and, in most cases, harmful to their career in creation”, pointing out that since he cannot legally speak about his contract or others, he only refers to “rumors” that have been uttered in the past:

“Everyone wants to be a Twitch Partner, but the truth is, the most important thing you get is a ‘verification mark.’ The subdivision boost isn’t 70/30, and it doesn’t. increases (slightly) only for Tier 2/3 subscriptions, which most people don’t get much benefit from,” he said.

This, he explains, since the companies that sponsor Twitch channels don’t care about their tick, they care about their average concurrent viewers, further pointing out that “most people want to help ‘small creators.’ ” , but the truth is, once you get to a partner, you aren’t seen the same way in the eyes of a bystander, as they see them as someone “successful”, even when they is still at a low level, prompting many to go to the aid of the next person with less than 50 spectators.

And more specifically about his contract, he says that most of Twitch’s work and profits are drawn to the creator, who has an “abysmal” contribution and that “exclusive contracts without guaranteed payments are simply not worth it. “.

“If you let yourself be locked into a contract because you think social status is worth it, you have the wrong mindset. I thought more of this was to come, but believe me, nothing happened. If you are bound by a contract, in most cases this means that you do not have legal permission to publish your content, edited or unedited, on other platforms within 24 hours.

In addition, he indicates that when he requested the termination of his contract, they made him go through different services virtually, but that it was not possible to specify it.

“I asked a month ago (live chat) to start negotiations on my association contract or end it completely. This person then told me that he would send me to the department for cancel my association after explaining to me that there were no negotiations. After a month, I still have not had the opportunity to speak to anyone about the cancellation of my contract and I suppose it’s because they’re trying to get me another 2-year deal.”

In conclusion, he said that “Please don’t fall into the trap of the ‘Twitch Partner’ contract like I did”, assuring that the platform will eventually die without a change in structure, and that “if you put all your eggs in this basket you will sink with the boat”

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