"Lo que llevas es inapropiado": Joven golfista es nuevamente apuntada por la prohibición de escotes y minifaldas

A few years ago, the dress code for the women’s golf circuit caused a great deal of controversy. Former golfer Paige Spiranac He raised his voice criticizing the decision, however, after years of the event, the athlete continues to be targeted for her clothing.

In 2017, the Women’s Professional Golf Association (LPGA, for its acronym in English) organization that governs American women’s golf and organizes the competitive circuit at the national level, said that would not allow necklines, miniskirts or tights unless you are also wearing shorts.

The controversial dress code has generated all sorts of statements and opinions. One of them was that of the former golfer Paige Spiranacwho has been identified as the possible culprit of the measure.

Paige Spiranac raised her voice against the measure

Faced with the wave of versions that appeared, the young American raised her voice and wrote a long text to defend her position in the use of the type of clothing now prohibited by the LPGA.

At that time, Spiranac refers to the advances that different sports had and which in turn led to the modernity of outfits for their development. In the case of your discipline, points out that new clothing – such as miniskirts – has allowed golfers to perform better on their shots.

“A rounder woman would be punished and fined much more often than a woman with a smaller chest”added in the writing published by the player on the Fortune site.

“In a world where women are often and unintentionally sexualized, this new rule is yet another reason for women to be ashamed of their bodies.”sentenced.

Paige Spiranac has become known on social networks for her particular tricks in this sport and for her extraordinary beauty, and today she is on the table precisely because of her outfits.

Paige Spiranac is again targeted for her clothes

Currently, 6 years after retiring as a professional golfer, Paige has been invited to a sports club at a workshop with friends to practice the said sport for a bit.

As is her characteristic, the girl wore a short skirt and a low-cut t-shirt, not assuming that would imply a problem.

But, sometime in the morning, Paige overheard an older woman talking to one of the golf club guards. “What she’s wearing is inappropriate, we have rules, I’ll talk to her.”was what the influence heard in the distance.

The woman who was obviously upset with Paige’s outfit approached her and that’s when the trouble started.

“She approaches me, stops me in the parking lot and says to me: ‘Female to female you need to hear this you look cute but it’s very inappropriate we have rules here and you can’t wear this outfit‘” Peige told Play Around.

Paige, after being scolded by the woman, did nothing but cry. She was offended by stating that her intention was not to look provocative but simply to feel comfortable in her clothes. “These are the reasons golf is not growing. It’s the elitist mentality and it makes me sick.”said Spiranac on his Instagram account.

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