Alejandro Castillo on stepping away from TV: 'It was tedious work that I don't want to repeat'

Half a century of career protects the trajectory of Alexander Castle, actor who in recent years has retired from television series and devoted himself to teaching and theatrical direction. Remembered for unforgettable roles in television series such as “Rompecorazón”, “Sucupira” and “A todo dar”, the actor reappeared publicly to talk about his voluntary retirement and current events.

In “Kings of Drama”, the actor confessed and when asked about certain roles in television series such as “Stupid Cupid” or “Heartbreaker” said that he did not remember his time in these productions.

I don’t remember anything from the TV series, or the characters. I know Wikipedia has all the data, but I can’t remember anything. I know we had a great time, it’s not that I want to deny but the memory of TV series is like that. The brain rejects the idea of ​​keeping these experiences. I don’t remember anything at all,” he said.

On the phenomenon that has arisen in the pandemic of reruns of historical television series, the actor has a sensible analysis: “I think it’s the fault of the channels that haven’t been able to renew dramatic spaces and invest in national production. They have already passed 15 or 17 years, it was another country, the structure of the chains. Actors want to work on as many things as possible and TV shows are just one of those things. It was the most important source of income. We regret that the productions are so limited, ”he testifies.

(TV series) “This step is over. I am very happy now to read and do theatre”

Alexandre Castillo

His time in Mega

Regarding Tambito, the retained character of “A todo dar” remembers not having done a casting because they called him directly for the character. “I was working at TVN and they called me from Mega to tell me they had an offer, I turn around and go to Mega. I immediately went to this channel because the offer, the character and the attractive salary were pretty good. We also went to South Africa with “Something ischanging. We spent all the money for the TV series on that trip. I remember they rented me a convertible car and when we We came back from South Africa, I could only show the key, because there was nothing left to rent,” he says.

“Our union is absolutely political”

When asked if it ever crossed his mind to have some sort of political connection like many of his colleagues who ran for different positions such as mayors or MPs, the actor flatly denies it. “Personally, I would never be mayor or deputy. These are positions that are opposite to my interests. However, our guild is absolutely political. We talk deeply about certain issues and have a political opinion. What happens is that channel managers don’t like actors to have a very definite opinion, especially on the left, so a lot of colleagues prefer to keep quiet. In private, we all know our opinions. I celebrate, I like that there are people who have ventured to be voters”.

When he left the television series, the actor recalled the routine he had every morning where he left at 6:30 a.m., reviewing the texts to be recorded from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday included. The number of scenes according to the importance of the character of each actor: “Terrible wear. Schedules out of all logic. It was tedious work that I do not want to repeat under any circumstances. I have passed this stage. I am very happy now to read and do theatre,” argue.

These factors influenced his departure from television. “The time we devote to theater is what the other hits we do have left us free. We do theater as much as possible because TV shows have taken up all of our time and energy. I got TV series offers and said no because I’m not interested in the role or the salary. There is life after television series. Many colleagues have succeeded by doing courses, theater. Many of us would like to be able to do series, more than TV series. This is how the market works. They have outsourced the productions, which further weakens the system,” he said.

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