Ana Markovic says she doesn't like being called the sexiest football player: 'They've never seen me play and they only look at my appearance'


Croatian footballer Ana Markovic has said she doesn’t like being called the sexiest footballer in the world. He says many have offered him to be their manager.

Markovic with the Croatia national team jersey
© File, ArchiveMarkovic with the Croatia national team shirt

Anna Maria Markovicbefore grasshoppers of Swiss, is one of the great promises of the Croatian team at only 22 years old. However, unfortunately for many, her quality as a player has taken a back seat.

In an interview with German outlet 20min, the striker says she didn’t feel comfortable being called in different media as ‘the sexiest football player in the world’.

“I liked the articles that called me the most beautiful footballer or one of the most beautiful because it makes me happy to know that I am beautiful. But then there were articles in the newspapers describing me as the sexiest footballer. I do not like it. Also for my family. I think you have to be careful what you write about people, especially if you don’t know them,” Markovic said.

The footballer, who has lived in Switzerland since her teenage years, is annoyed that she is not valued as an athlete and that many opportunists approach her because of her beauty.

“A lot of people have written to me and pretended to be some kind of manager, but I know exactly what they expect from me. They have never seen me play football and only look at my appearance. I think that’s really a shame. I think people like that should know more in advance and see what I can do as a footballer. A lot of people have also made me feel like I’m pretty and that’s the only reason they can make something out of me on social media and want to make money from it.” he revealed.

However, the Croatian team has recognized her merits on the pitch and takes care of her constantly: “Everything went well with the national team. They made me feel professional, they studied my football achievements through Youtube videos. They did a very good job.”

“I appeared in newspapers and portals all over the Balkans. I was in the media everywhere. When I was with the national team, suddenly about 25 journalists wanted to see me for an interview at the team hotel. Then the association intervened so that I could concentrate on football.”revealed..

Still, Markovic enjoys modeling, although she warns, “I recently posted some somewhat provocative photos, but I would never pose naked anywhere. I couldn’t live with that, even for my family.”

“Sometimes I get strange messages from people who write that they want to help me and, for example, clean the studs of my football boots after training”, completed.

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