And the reinforcements?  Colo Colo attaches no signing day after returning to court and time keeps ticking

The Cacique has evolved at a snail’s pace in this pass market. The only curly name dropped by failing medicals, which adds uncertainty these days. What is worrying? Within two weeks we made our Copa Sudamericana debut against Porto Alegre’s Inter.

The Cacique was unable to complete any reinforcements in this transfer market.
© An agency.The Cacique was unable to complete any reinforcements in this transfer market.

Colo Colo has evolved with worrying slowness in this transfer market, without being able to complete a single reinforcement for the second half of 2022, dwhere to shout champion of the national championship, defend the title of the Chilean Cup and go as far as possible in the South American Cup appear as the great objectives of Gustavo Quinteros and company.

Unfortunately, the leadership of Blacks and Whites chaired by Alfredo Stöhwing was unable to pin down a name, and when he did, he fell by not being able to pass the medical examinations, as was the case of central defender Ramiro González.

The Albos return this Friday from their offseason in Argentina and it is already a fact that, if reinforcements arrive, they will, losing all the work done on the other side of the mountain range, which is far from what we saw at the beginning of the year .

The worst thing is that the Cacique officially returns to action this Saturday against Deportes Temuco for the Chilean Cup and in two weeks he will return to the field to face Internacional de Porto Alegre for the first leg of the round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana.

For now, Gustavo Quinteros still hopes to have a new centre-back to replace Emiliano Amor During his injury, a center forward that relieves Juan Martín Lucero and a pointer that adds more alternatives in attack.

In defence, the name that is getting stronger is that of Uruguayan Emiliano Velásquez, who currently plays for Santos in Brazil. Up front, the option that appears is that of Leandro Benegas, who is living a great gift, and for this reason, Independiente de Avellaneda are not considering letting him go.

And for the position of the pointer? Quinteros’ big obsession continues to be Martín Rodríguez, who has gradually been tasked with ruling out his return to the Monumental, as he has offers to continue in Europe after closing his stage at Altay Spor in Turkey.

To this, we must add that the option of the departure of Pablo Solari is still latent, which would greatly weaken the team thinking about the second half.

We will have to see how these negotiations evolve in the coming days. What is certain is that Colo Colo is already quite behind in terms of reinforcements, and unfortunately time is running out.

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